how to send money through whatsapp – Whatsapp Se Paise Kaise Bheje

WhatsApp Se Paise Kaise Bheje Hindi:- If you people use Smartphone, then all of you must be using WhatsApp and nowadays there is no such person who uses Smartphone but does not use WhatsApp. Nowadays, WhatsApp will definitely be available in everyone’s phone, so friends WhatsApp A very good update has come from our side and I have liked this feature very much and if you also like this new feature of WhatsApp, then you must share this article after your friends.

If you are interested in Online Payment, then you must have known about Paytm, Google Pay and Internet Banking and I will have many such brothers who would also use all of them because at today’s time if we have to pay someone. If you have to do this online payment is considered the best because we can save a lot of our time through this and can send money to anyone or take money from him within few seconds.

whatsapp se paise kaise bheje hindi

what is whatsapp pay in hindi?

So before today if you people make online payment then you used to need a separate application but after the update of WhatsApp you will not need any separate application because WhatsApp has brought its own WhatsApp Pay with the help of which you A payment option will appear inside WhatsApp, from where you can add your bank account and send money to anyone from your WhatsApp, it will work exactly like Paytm, Google Pay.

Many people will not believe such people, but let me tell you that it is on the official website of WhatsApp and it has already come in the phones of many people because it is currently on trial, so now it is only in the phones of 20 crore people. It has come, if your luck is good and you are lucky then it can also come in your phone, then you will have to wait for some time and keep updating your phone’s WhatsApp from time to time.

There will be many such people who will not like to use it because they want their account to be safe, they cannot trust any new payment application but let me tell you that for this you do not have to download any separate payment application. And if you believe that WhatsApp itself is going to bring this feature, then you can blindly trust it.

how to transfer money from whatsapp

After waiting a lot, WhatsApp has come up with a very nice feature, so if you want to know about this feature, then in this post we will tell you about two things, what is WhatsApp and how to transfer money from WhatsApp. ?

Just like we transfer money from the application on the phone and the application on Google, in the same way now we can transfer money from WhatsApp and at the same time we can take money to anyone and the best thing is that money transfer from WhatsApp It is very easy to do because at today’s time everyone uses WhatsApp and for this we do not need any separate application, this feature will come in our WhatsApp app itself.

What Is WhatsApp In Hindi?

WhatsApp is a social media application that we use to talk to our friends and our relatives and any other WhatsApp user. Through WhatsApp, we can talk to anyone by message, video call and audio call. Through WhatsApp, you can send many things to your friends and relatives in a very short time like Photos, Contact, PDF etc. With very easy and very little data, you can send this information to everyone.

Recently, WhatsApp has brought a new feature by which you can connect your bank account with WhatsApp, send money to the phone of any other WhatsApp user and take money from those people through WhatsApp.

In the below step, I have told that WhatsApp Se Paise Kaise Bheje Hindi?

how to send money through whatsapp?

  • To transfer money from WhatsApp, you have to first install WhatsApp application on your phone, which you can do from Playstore or App Store.
  • Now you have to register in WhatsApp with one of your numbers

Note: – The number with which you register in WhatsApp should also be the same number in your account, only then it will work.

  • After creating an account on WhatsApp, you will see 3 lines on the top side of WhatsApp that you have to click there.
  • After clicking on the three dots, you will see the option of setting.
  • After clicking on setting, you will see some options like Account, Notification, Chat Payments etc. So in this you just have to click on Payments.
  • Now you have to click on payment, after clicking on payment, you will be asked mobile number, you have to enter the same mobile which you had entered while creating WhatsApp and you should have the same number linked to your bank account.
  • Now you have to get that number verified by clicking on Verify, now your mobile number will be verified with your bank account.
  • Now you have to select that bank in which your account is in.
  • Now you will see a list of many banks here that in whichever bank you have your account, you can select that bank.
  • After selecting the bank, the details of your account will come on the screen of your mobile, seeing which you can check yourself whether it is your account or not.
  • After some time your WhatsApp will be linked to your Bank Accounts, now you can send money to anyone from your WhatsApp account and take money from anyone on WhatsApp.

how to transfer money from whatsapp

  • First of all click on Attachment from where you send photos etc. to the people. And select Payment Options.
  • You have to enter the amount you want to send
  • Now you have to click on Send Button, just from your account the money will reach in his account.

I hope you will like this post very much and in this post we told you that Whatsapp Se Paise Kaise Bheje Hindi and now you must have learned how to transfer money from WhatsApp if still you are facing any kind of problem. So you can comment below, we will definitely give you the answer.


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