Girls Whatsapp Number & Group links List For Friendship 2022

whatsapp group link 2022:- Friends, a WhatsApp group in your phone is the most trending feature of WhatsApp these days. Everyday millions of people search WhatsApp group links on Google try for the purpose of their enjoyment and some of them want to join WhatsApp group to promote their business. If friends, you too are looking for active WA group link, then read this post.

Welcome to ShiviNet from friends too, if you come to our posts everyday then you should know that I come to you every day for free by forwarding the best moods that are helping thousands of millions and today we are there for you And the usage has brought a post called WhatsApp group link.

Come on friends, in this post, we will reveal very little information about WhatsApp and you will also get to know the usage and usage features of WhatsApp Group so that you can know all about WhatsApp and WhatsApp Group and all you can to enjoy WhatsApp hassle free. Read post.

What Is WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp Friends This is a state messaging app which is popular in 109 countries. Around 55 point 6 percent of people use WhatsApp in this world. Most of the users of WhatsApp use WhatsApp to connect with friends and family. There is also a large community that uses the same purpose on WhatsApp.

Rohit allows to use this for free in WhatsApp, with the help of WhatsApp we can send text messages with photos and videos from our smartphone WhatsApp to all smartphone users like Android iOS Blackberry Vision and Simran.

Word is WhatsApp is also available for all types of pc window make asis etc. so friends if you have any device then you have to waste any time without stuff. You can use this WhatsApp.

So we had WhatsApp Messenger launched on 3 May 2009 and it has been found by Brian Acton and Jan Kom. They were both former employees of Yahoo. Later bought 19 million WhatsApp on Facebook on 19 February 2014, now 1 point 6 of WhatsApp Billion active users and who make WhatsApp number 1 out of all the messaging apps.

Google Play Store WhatsApp has 4 point 3 rating till date 106,656,885 got bots so now you can understand WhatsApp popular, well it was not enough to understand WhatsApp. There are lot of things we can discuss on WhatsApp but it The post is about the WhatsApp group link for you so we are going to talk to you.

What is WhatsApp Group Link 2022

WhatsApp has features to use anywhere that can be used without paying every single penny and one of them is to create and join a WhatsApp group. You can create a WhatsApp group for your family or for business purposes.

Some WhatsApp Group Links If you have a WhatsApp group and you want to add people to your group, you can create your own W Group Invitation Click and then share that link further with those whom we and When you come in your group, you will be asked for your link, click on join at once, your group will be added to Direct.

Friends. On the other hand if you want to join WhatsApp group then you have to join and get the direct WhatsApp group link. If you want to join in with your family then you can ask them for this link with you or if you are interested. If you want to join WhatsApp group related to you then you can join below


And we are sharing these WhatsApp group links for fun and we are not the administrator of these group so if anyone misuses it we are not responsible guys please include these WhatsApp at your own risk and any kind Beware of scam.

Join WhatsApp Group Links & Numbers 2022

After all your discussion about you MWA WhatsApp Group and WhatsApp Group link, we joined WhatsApp Group Sex below. You will get category wise and Desawar WhatsApp Group, just check to be added to your favorite group.

New & Latest WhatsApp Group Link 2022

It is updating all the latest WhatsApp group links so guys if you want to join all the below WhatsApp group you can do it from this you can add to the latest WhatsApp group by our Angad Tuko so check our commenting experience Can.

  • It’s My Life
  • Business Group
  • Make More Fun
  • Iluna Fashion
  • Hot Group
  • Lover
  • Happy Moment
  • Welcome
  • Funny
  • Memes

PUBG WhatsApp Group Link 2022

Let us ask you that once you start living, there is a very small percentage of the population who does not know about PUBG, but you are well aware of its popular, then for you we uploaded a hundred percent active PUBG WhatsApp current link. is


Today, by clicking on the link, you can join these WhatsApp groups, now Famous is the most trending game in the whole world. PUBG Many players play PUBG using the PUBG mobile game, then we have done this mobile PUBG MOD APK for you. Active Publish to be added to WhatsApp group.

  • Squad Games
  • PUBG Profile
  • Rush Players
  • Pro Players
  • Fight Club
  • Live Streaming
  • Dive Doze
  • Gamer Girl
  • Create Room
  • In a Match

YouTube WhatsApp Group Link List 2022

In this, YouTube is a video contact sharing platform where Nee much makes millions of users videos every day. If you are a YouTube content creator, then you must connect with the YouTube connected WhatsApp group to promote your subscribe reviews YouTube videos and YouTube and the community. You can also connect to YouTube WhatsApp group to know about the update.

  • 50 Shades of Slay
  • Shake It Off
  • Don’t Peek
  • Hot Shots
  • Star Busts
  • Pretty Girl Rock
  • Hot Cheetos
  • Girl on Fire
  • Study Wars
  • Ultimate Nerds

Funny WhatsApp Group Link 2022

Celebrating WhatsApp Interest is a great source of Entertainment. You can watch funny videos, read jokes and you can also get trending videos all over the world, but for this you have to join Friends Active Funny WhatsApp Group so friends if you are a little exciting in your life And if you want to have fun, then join these groups, click on these funny WhatsApp group Links.

  • Back Benchers
  • Chunky Monkeys
  • The Irrelevant’s
  • Disco Ninjas
  • Masti Khana
  • Sharing Blood
  • Kung Fu Family
  • Messy Room
  • Girliyapas
  • Python lovers

Shayari WhatsApp Group Link 2022

If the age of poetry poetry is never ending, there are millions of people in this world who like listening to poetry and shayari and have become poetry lovers, so friends, if you are one of your own then you should join this active poetry group. Hundreds of poems will be found in these groups.

  • Shayrana Andaaz
  • Sweet Friends
  • Shayari Zone
  • Be Positive
  • Love Shayri
  • Shayari Lite
  • New Shayari
  • Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya
  • Sad Shayari
  • Heart Break Shayari

Adult 18+ WhatsApp Group Link 2022

And friends almost all p * n has been banned but still many from where people keep quiet to watch p * n these videos but it is not a waste of time where you can clean up on this WhatsApp group so on google Stop searching p * n Join these active adult groups Below we have shared the direct link of active 18 plus WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group links 18+ America 2022

And friends in this section am uploading the latest 1 plus WhatsApp group link of America if you guys are from America or not from America but want to join this group so interested you can click on the link to join all Link tested and works 100%.

WhatsApp group links 18+ Indian 2022

Our India Zero Point is the largest country in terms of population of 1,366,417,754 with 99% growth rate. When we talk about WhatsApp ho users, India also comes in the top 10, so friends, Etienne Plus Indian WhatsApp group is on the internet for thousands of times but Is much less active so below we are sharing Etienne Plus Indian WhatsApp group link and are connected with them now.

Hot WhatsApp Group links 2022

In this, thousands of people are active on the Internet every day, Hot Web WhatsApp Group Link, which friends, if you also want to join these groups, then you can connect with them by using medicines and using them on the link given below.

Girls WhatsApp Groups Link 2022

[Sociallock id = “2141 is] 79.57% if this world is female and most of them are using WhatsApp. 20% of this population use female WhatsApp and thousands of girls groups of current girls are running WhatsApp. Connecting with that we have given in the link below

Technology WhatsApp Group Link 2022

So are you a tech geek and friends like to learn new things related to technology, if yes then this section is a very important technology era for you and whenever countries are developing using many new and new technologies, you are making a call. Or using a laptop here is also a gift of this modern technology

You know that you can create such new things by CJM on your behalf, which can help this world to use technology in any way, so you must learn about it, you can learn it from Google or you can make it technology. You can also learn by joining WhatsApp group.

Hacking WhatsApp Groups 2022

Now we know that hacking is a punishable offense, so if you want to learn hacking then just learn to help it in this world. You can help your country in hacking and coding. Here are some things sharing with this group. Are you can learn things not related to it, this hacking WhatsApp group link works.

Top 10 Country wise WhatsApp Group Links 2022

WhatsApp is used in almost all countries but there are some countries in which most of the WhatsApp users are India Brazil Mexico Russia and South America Europe Africa Asia Saudi Arabia Malaysia and many other countries have the same rules.

Active WhatsApp group link App Download 2022

Friends, there is an application on Google Play Store, you can come to WhatsApp Group Link app and friends, you can install this application from there to get WhatsApp Group Link in 80, you can add yourself to many groups that you can Want therefore we are proving an application link Shahjahan Click here to download WhatsApp group link APK.

How To Join WhatsApp groups 2022

Connecting to this WhatsApp group is really simple. We are providing a link to a WhatsApp group to connect with WhatsApp and all you have to do is see if you want to join a group then click on the group link that we provided Has meant that it will ask you to join and not by typing on it.

Submit Your WhatsApp Group Link 2022

Friends, do you have a WhatsApp group and you want to add people to your group, you can share the WhatsApp Group Invite link from the comments section, just write the name of your group and the link to your group and also tell us here that your group What is it, once you tell us all the things that your link is working, we will update the WhatsApp group link where you.


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