What Is Bounce Rate | How To Reduce Bounce Rate In 2022

What Is Bounce Rate;- Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope you guys will be very good, then friends today’s post is going to be very special, today we will tell you people Bounce Rate Kya Hai and Bounce Rate Kaise Kam Kare if you are a lugar and you You have just started blogging or if you want to do blogging, then it is very important for you to go to Bounce Rate because Bounce Rate is very important for Asia.

If you know this Bounce Rate Kya Hai and how to reduce it, then it will be very good for your blog because it keeps your blog’s engagement, real time, and ranking very good, then let’s start without wasting time. Let’s do Bounce Rate Kya Hai on today’s topic

What Is Bounce Rate 2022

Friends, it is called Bounce Rate, when a visitor comes to your blog or website and goes back after seeing a page, then it is called Bounce Rate. Detects and people see how many lightning festivals went back as soon as they were on the same page

So friends, now you must have known that the lower the Bounce Rate of your blog, the more your block’s ACEO, Alexa ranking, traffic, performance will be very good for all this, then friends, now we will know how to reduce the Bounce Rate of our blog. Can do it is very easy but for this you have to take care of some things then without wasting time let’s start

How do bounce rates work

Friends, if the Bounce Rate of your blog or website is high, then it is not a good thing for your blog or website, so we are going to tell you about some such ways by which you will be able to reduce the Bounce Rate of your blog, we will give you some such Will tell about the important points which you have to follow carefully, then let’s know about those points.

  • High Quality Content

Friends, if you are writing an article of 1500 wards for your blog or website or writing an article of 6000 wards, unless there is quality content inside your article, then that content is of no use, you should always write such an article. Will have to be read, after which the person reading can get the answer of every question, the fellow article should be in easy language.

On whichever topic you are writing an article, you will have to give every information related to the same topic inside Usha Diesel, so that no matter how many ward articles you are, you will always have to provide high quality content so that the person reading will believe. Make sure that you really provide correct information and only then that person will come to your blog every time.

This will reduce the Bounce Rate of your blog because that person will want to read the article written by you again and again because that person believes in you that you always provide high quality contact in your blog.

  • Blog or website speed

Friends, you will always have to keep the speed of your blog or website above 90, for this you will have to buy a good hosting, never do cheap hosting or do not use it, otherwise all the hard work you have done on your site so far has gone in vain. Also you should use light weight theme like Astra, GeneratePress etc.

You always have to remember one thing, whenever you use compressing images in your blog, if the loading time of your blog is better, the lower will be your bounce rate.

  • Internal Link

This point is very important, to reduce the bounce rate, you will always have to do internal linking in all your articles, that is, you will have to give a link to the other post of your blog inside your blog post, so that whenever any visitor will have your article and if they If you liked this article, then because of the internal linking given by you, that person will also have your other article.

With this, the visitor coming to your article will go from one post to another, this will reduce the bounce rate of your blog or website, but I have already told you that you will always have to write high quality content, which people will get good information after reading and their All the questions in the mind and they should get the answer of all the questions.

  • website design

Friends, you always have to make the design of your blog or website good and attractive because whenever any visitor visits your blog, then they have a lot of impact on this thing, how do you feel about seeing your blog, you are completely on your blog. Or the website has to be made mobile friendly and user friendly

The home page of your theme will have to be customized and made very beautiful, so that whenever a visitor visits your blog, they should know that what we will learn and know from this blog. You will always have to keep this thing in mind, if your block is not able to tell people on which topic this blog is built, then the Bounce Rate of your blog will keep increasing, so you will always have to keep this thing in mind.

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So friends, I hope today’s article is Bounce Rate Kya Hai. You must have enjoyed reading this Bounce Rate Kaise Kam Karta Hai 2022

In this article, we have told you what is the bounce rate and how does it work? Bounce Rate is very important for your blog, if you want to make a career in blogging, by following the important points mentioned by us, you can improve your blog’s Bounce Rate, SEO, Alexa Ranking, Traffic very well.

Friends, on this blog, we keep bringing you important information related to blogging, technology and online income, with the help of this you can earn money online sitting at home and partner, you can make your career and people are earning very well from here. always keep your love

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