Tips To Know And Change WiFi Password In 2022

Tips to know and change wifi password:-Nowadays everyone uses internet in their mobile and computer. In today’s time the Internet has become so important that the Government of India has also adopted the policy of making it available for free, so that everyone can use it. Although it has not been fully implemented in the whole of India, only a few selected metropolitan cities have become a part of it, but in a few days it has been said to be operational in the whole of India. This work will be done by creating free WiFi zones all over India.

Wi-Fi holds the top position in the internet facility. Many smartphones and computers run smoothly from one router, but a Wi-Fi that is not protected by a hard password can reveal your personal information to people. For this reason it is very important to keep a password in Wi-Fi. By changing the Wi-Fi password, many people will not be able to take advantage of your Wi-Fi without your permission.

What is WiFi
Generally speaking, WiFi is a device through which computer smartphones and other devices are connected to the Internet. It is a wireless network with the help of which we can access internet from more than one device simultaneously. The biggest feature of WiFi is that its speed is faster than others, due to which it is the first choice of internet users these days.

Sometimes it happens that you do not remember the password of your WiFi and you have also kept it locked in the computer for the purpose of security. And then you or any member of your household or any of your friends need the password of your WiFi, then the problem arises that how to find the password of your WiFi in your own computer. So there is no need to be afraid, you have many such methods, with the help of which you can know the password of WiFi in your computer. We are telling you one of these ways, hope that by using it, you will be able to know the password of WiFi in your computer.

Steps to know wifi password
Open the Network Connections window –
The password of your WiFi network is saved in the window of your computer, to see which you have to right click on your network icon and open the network connection window. After opening it, you have to click on the Open Network and Sharing Center system present in it.

After this, you have to click on Change Adapter Setting present in the left menu.

Apart from this, you can open the window by clicking on the direct windows key + R, ncpa.cp1, and enter.

Right click on Wireless Adapter
When you reach this step, you will see the name of WiFi or Manufacturer. Here you have to select the status from the options by right clicking on the WiFi menu.

Open the connection property window –
In this step, you have to click on the wireless properties and then on the securities tab.

Reveal the character
Now in this step you see your wireless password in the network security key box. If it is not visible, then tick the box of show character, which will show you the password. But if you do not have the option to reveal the character / network security key, then you have to go to the next step.

Download the Wireless KeyView Application
This application can scan your system’s windows registry and other wireless keys. You can download wirelesskeyview from the Nirsoft website.

Run the program –
Open the Wirelesskeyview program, then run its application. Here your wireless keyview window gets opened.

Collect your password –
Winning network is also connected in your computer, you will see it on the left side. Now you have to locate the network for which you want the password. Now you have to look in the “key (Ascii) column”. This will show the password of your WiFi.

In any system that has windows XP, a WPA-PSK, then the ASCII format will not work in it.

Another method to remove wifi password
To know the password of WiFi with this method, you will also have to follow some steps, which are given below.

Open the Utilities folder –
The Utilities folder is located in the Applications folder of your system. You do not have to worry about the network to extract the password through this.

Open Keychain Access program –
In the Keychain Access program, your system’s online password and all the information about the online system is stored.

Select your network
By sorting the Keychain list, double click on your network whose password you want to know.

Collect your password –
In this step click on show password and from this you can collect your administrator password and wireless password.

how to know the password of connected wifi in mobile
It is very easy to know the password of connected WiFi in mobile, for that we have to go to play store and download an app. You just have to go to the Play Store and download the FREE Wifi Password Recovery app and you can very easily see the password of WiFi from your mobile.

We hope that with our given methods, you will be able to recover your WiFi password easily and solve your difficulties and easily share it with your family members and other people. We hope that this article of ours will prove to be helpful for you and if you face any problem in this then you can share it with us and we will try to provide solution to your problem immediately.

how to change wifi password
Wi-Fi password can be changed very easily by paying attention to the points given below.

First of all, open the configuration page of your Wi-Fi router, which can be opened from any web browser. If for some reason the computer is not connected to Wi-Fi, then the computer can be connected directly to the router using an Ethernet cable.
After that enter the username and password of the router. If the password of the WiFi router has not been changed yet, then the user name is often ‘ADMIN’ and the password is ‘PASSWORD’, this may be different for different router models.

Once logged in to the router, go to the Wireless section in the configuration page. The name of this page may be different in different routers. Usually it is in the name of ‘WIRELESS’ or ‘WIRELESS SETUP’. Go to the ‘WIRELESS SECURITY’ option of this page.
Here there will be an option named ‘PASSWORD’, ‘PASSKEY’ or ‘SHARED KEY’. By clicking there you can set your new password. In many routers, you have to enter the password twice. Password is confirmed the second time.

wifi password security
When entering the password, choose a password that cannot be guessed by anyone other than you. It is better not to put some personal words or numbers in it.
It is good to put some numbers and special characters like ‘!’, ‘$’ etc. Password must contain at least eight characters.

Here you have to check the security type. Actually there are many types of ‘wireless password’ options in WiFi. The highest security is found in ‘WPA2’. Apart from this there is ‘WPA’ and ‘WEP’. It is better not to use ‘WEP’, because this protection is very easy to break and hack. Knowing man can break ‘WEP’ security in just half an hour.

Along with the password, it is necessary to change the name of your network. Changing the name of the network will only attempt to log in to people who know it is your network. Otherwise people will be confused.

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