The Wife Web Series Review 2021 | The Wife Web Series Review In Hindi

WebSeries Type Horror
Language Hindi
Content Suspense
Time Duration 1 hr 46 mins

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“The story revolves around a couple who have recently moved into a new apartment, and start experiencing some unnatural happenings in the house.”


The Wife is about a married couple, Varun (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Arya (Sayani Dutta), who, soon after moving into their new apartment, start experiencing some terrible activities. Arya first notices these unnatural things and informs Varuna. Even though they have not consciously witnessed any event, a scary presence in the house brings nightmares. However, when their relationship breaks down, they realize that they must stay together to save not only their marriage but their lives as well. We are then introduced to Raima Das (Shweta Dadhich), a professor specializing in paranormal studies. She confirms the presence of a spirit but only time will tell why she is bothering the couple.

The Wife Web Series Review

Helmed by debutant writer-director Sarmad Khan, this horror flick doesn’t flaunt scares, rather it is a mix of the romance between the newly wed couple as well as the things they experience at home. This constant unnecessary feel keeps the audience hooked, however, the script is slow and takes too long to get to the point or show a glimpse of the soul. It is the final 30 minutes of the film and the climax that manages to send one’s spine down. Manish More’s editing is taut which makes for a smooth transition from scene to scene but its predictable story is disappointing.

Coming to the performance, Gurmeet looks promising as Varun and debutante Sayani Dutta. The chemistry between the pair is so natural that they look effortless in every frame. From expressions to their dialogue delivery, especially when they encounter supernatural activities, perfectly convey the emotions of their characters. Additionally, Gurmeet’s act enhances the effect of the climax. I hope you are enjoying reading the story, read further-

All said, ‘The Wife’ is true to its genre but the pace of the film seems to be exhausting as the big reveal takes a long time. Though for a horror and suspense film, it only manages to give you a few spooks.

The Wife Horror Web Series
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Some questions and answers about “The Wife Web series”

Q1- Is “The Wife Web Series” Horror?

Answer- yes

Q2- In which language is this web series?

Answer- Hindi

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