Tekken 3 APK Download Version1.1 4 For Android 2021 Fully Unlocked

Tekken 3 APK Game: – Hello Friends, whenever we are bored, we like to play games in our phones, from here some people like to listen to songs and some people like to watch videos, some people like to watch movies. Likes but a person like friends does not see anything other than the game and a person playing a game is happy to play the game only and is a person playing, then you must know about this game.

This is very good news for those people who keep searching for new games, and they keep searching for Android games, then friends, I tell you that I have brought you for you 3 tech Android users. It has come for everyone in today’s people who know about Tech C, if you want to know more about this Technique 3 then stay with us.

Friends, according to a report and to our knowledge 78% of the people who play games are Android users. This means that more than 75% of the people who play games use Android phones. I am realizing that I need to go. What is a gamer? By the way, the person who plays the game is called a gamer. Friends, if you also play a game then you are a gamer right now.

Friends, the number of active android games in this world was more than 2.2 million in 2019, friends, we also know that we are one of them but friends, now we come to our topic friends. So friends, you have read it and download it and enjoy your game.

Tekken 3 Game MOD APK

Tekken 3 Game APK

Friends, this game is played by children as well as grown ups and it is very popular among children and there are many more games for its many users but friends this game gives you even more enjoyment and interest. Was launched if you like to play fighting games then you must download this game.

Friends, a few years ago I was also very fond of playing taken3. There was a game zone in my city. Now kids used to come to play my martyred three and we used to play together.

So friends, I have to spend many sets to play this game, but time has changed, now Tekken 3 can be played on Android phone also now I play it without spending money.

The reason for the nurses is that Tekken 3 I loved the graphic informed very well. Have you played this game elsewhere on your PC on your Android phone? If yes, then tell us the comments and your experience.

Let me tell you why this game is very popular and what are the best things of this game, it includes Dhishoom. I also tell us the easiest way to download Tekken 3 APK on your Android set to the device.

App Name Tekken 3
Size 21.2 MB
Version Version 1.1 4
App by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Updated 30 July, 2020
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Telegram Join Us
Category Free Android Games

What is Tekken 3 MOD APK

Just I also know that the game is not fully explained to you in any post and it is half incomplete, but here I am going to tell you all about this game in detail and I am going to give you the information about it. Friends, whenever we talk about an action game, we will talk about the game, then you can not stop thinking about Tekken 3.

The second few years ago Technion 3 was not a normal rule. It was a very interesting game for children and young people and people loved it very much. Time has changed. Many literary and action games have been launched by the developer. Tekken 3 has not been replaced.

Friends, the graphics of this game are going to blow the excitement, this time when you start playing this game, then you do not feel like it is the best and smartest about the skin if you are long Playing the game you will be the mastermind of this game.

In this game you can choose any player to play with another player. Tekken 3 has 23 characters and all is really very powerful but everyone has different power given their interest and according to their own Can select any player according to the specialty of.

As friends, I explained to you in the above topic, all the players play in their own way and their smart way as if there is not a very fast seal. The king gives very powerful punch and friends all have different strengths. No but to check it you have to play the game first.

Features of Tekken 3 APK

If I want you the technique that I have explained below, then I search many features that after knowing its features, you will not be able to stop yourself from downloading this game, although every game is special for a person playing a game but the technique 3 is very different and good from all other games, this game will be known only when you know about its features.

Tekken 3 Characters Name List

Tekken 3 game has 24 characters. Can you not age while playing this game? The best thing about it is that you can play any of these together for free.

  1. Anna Williams
  2. Nina Williams
  3. Bryan Fury
  4. Dr. Bosconovitch
  5. Eddy Gordo
  6. Forrest Law
  7. Gon
  8. Heihachi Mishima
  9. Hwoarang
  10. Jack
  11. Jin Kazama
  12. Julia Chang
  13. Kazuya Mishima
  14. King
  15. Kuma
  16. Lei Wulong
  17. Ling Xiaoyu
  18. Mokujin
  19. Nina Williams
  20. Ogre
  21. Panda
  22. Paul Phoenix
  23. Tiger Jackson
  24. Yoshimitsu

Tekken 3 APK Graphics

When you go to play an agency, it is very important to know about its graph because the graphics of this game will make your mind look special. It will make you feel very realistic when you try to play this game, the developer will give you no add on Valle and Cantor will be successful in giving qualitative graphic.

There are other graphics and many other things which I have not included in the above part, I am going to tell you at the end of this game, friends, for the best information of this, do read this post regularly, then Tekken 3 APK in your Android device.

How to download Tekken 3 APK?

And anyone can play it because playing it is not very easy, it is also the same. I mean downloading this game in your phone is really simple and easy. You will understand the best thing required to follow the step.

  •  Friends, I have given you the button, click on it.
  • and friends, when you click on it, your game will start showing downloading.
  • It is going to take some time due to its MB being very high, it depends on the speed of internet also.
  • and when it is downloaded.
  • Then go to your Android phone settings.
  • Then enable your unknown sources which allows you to install the game in it.
  • Then go to the file manager next to it and find the Tech 3 APK file.
  • After clicking on it will allow you to install.
  • Then after that just you then you type on the start button No, now you are ready to play Tekken 3 game in your phone and ready to enjoy. Keep it that your phone will have environment to get your best experience.


Tekken 3 MOD APK is completely free to download. Now you can use all the features in this Game. I hope you download this Amazing App on your android And IOS phones without facing any type of problem. Tell us about your experience using this Amazing App. Please do share and subscribe to our website ShiviNet for more Details.

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