Seafood Soup Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

seafood soup recipe tower of fantasy:- You may make a variety of recipes in Tower of Fantasy.

But before you can prepare the food, you must find a recipe.

You must collect and put the right ingredients in the cooker until you have a 100% success rate before you may uncover a recipe.

The Seafood Soup recipe is one that you may find in ToF.

Once you have all the necessary components, you may prepare the dish by adding them to the cooker.

However, as there are no hints, you might not be aware of the ingredients.

You can find instructions for making the Seafood Soup recipe in Tower of Fantasy in this tutorial.

Seafood Soup recipe in Tower of Fantasy

seafood soup recipe tower of fantasy

Seafood Soup recipe in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 3x Conch
  • 2x Scallop
  • 10x Lettuce

Seafood Soup recipe (after discovery):

  • 3x Conch
  • 2x Scallop
  • 1x Lettuce

You’ll have a 100% success rate once you’ve put 3x Conch, 2x Scallop, and 10x Lettuce in the cooker.

Scallops and lettuce can be added if you don’t have enough conch to reach the 15/15 ingredient mark.

To make it 100%, you could also substitute extra conch for the lettuce or scallops.

However, the success rate decreases as you use fewer substances.

Once you’ve figured out the recipe, you may make it by loading the cooker with 3 conch, 2 scallops, and 1 lettuce.

Choose “Cooking” to begin the soup’s preparation.

You’ll get 1 serving of seafood soup after it’s finished.

If you encounter other meals, retry with the same ingredients in the cooker.

You will get 10 satiety and +1% +45 ice damage for 900 seconds after eating the food.

In Anchorville, you may find conch along the shore.

In HT201 Shelter, scallops can be discovered by the water’s edge.

Last but not least, lettuce is available all around Astra.

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