Petrol Subsidy registration Jharkhand 2022

Rising petrol prices in India have added to the problems of the people, especially those who come below the poverty line. In such a situation, the government of Jharkhand state has made a plan to give petrol subsidy to the families living below the poverty line of their state. We are talking about Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme.

Through the petrol subsidy scheme, the Jharkhand government will provide a subsidy of ₹ 250 every month to the poor or below poverty line of their state. Through this article, we will give you all the information related to the petrol subsidy scheme of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme 2022

Scheme Name Petrol Subsidy Scheme
Beneficiary Below poverty line ration card holders living in Jharkhand having two wheelers
State Jharkhand
Official website and app and CM SUPPORTS APP
Subsidy amount ₹250

What is Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme?

Petrol Subsidy Scheme has been started by the Government of Jharkhand. Under this scheme, a family member of the ration card holder living below the poverty line in Jharkhand who has a two-wheeler will be given relief by providing subsidy on petrol. The Jharkhand State Government will transfer ₹ 250 per month to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries of this scheme through DBT. In the first phase, 20 lakh ration card holders of the state who have two wheelers will get the benefit of this scheme.

Red, yellow or green ration card holders will be eligible for the Jharkhand government’s petrol subsidy scheme, who have a two wheeler of Jharkhand state registration, can apply through the app. A lump sum of Rs 250 per month will be deposited directly in the bank account of the beneficiary of the scheme benefit from the government.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Features-

  • This subsidy scheme will be started from 26 January 2022.
  • Under the scheme, subsidy will be given to the members of the families of poor ration card holders living below the poverty line in Jharkhand who have two wheelers.
  • A subsidy of ₹ 250 will be transferred by the Jharkhand government to the bank account of the beneficiaries every month, which will be deposited by the beneficiary at the petrol pump itself.
  • Petrol subsidy of ₹250 will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account through DBT.
  • The budget of the scheme will be around ₹901.86 crore.
  • The benefits of the scheme can be availed by those ration card holders who are availing the benefits of State Food Security Scheme or National Food Security Scheme.
  • To take advantage of the scheme, it will be necessary for the applicants to register the two wheeler vehicles in their name under the two wheeler fuel subsidy scheme. That is, the two wheeler vehicle should be registered in the name of the beneficiary.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Eligibility-

  • The benefit of the scheme can be availed only by the poor people of Jharkhand native.
  • To take advantage of the scheme, the beneficiary must be a ration card holder and must have a two wheeler.
  • The applicant has to keep in mind that both his Aadhar card and registered mobile number are linked.
  • Applicant’s two wheeler should be registered in Jharkhand itself and driving license should also be there.
  • Applicants will register online to take advantage of the scheme through CM SUPPORT APP.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Documents-

  • Ration card
  • Bank account information
  • photo copy of passbook
  • registered mobile number
  • passport size photograph
  • Information about two wheelers
  • driving license
  • Aadhar Card

Online application/registration for Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme-

To apply for Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme, applicants can register on CM SUPPORTS APP or directly by visiting its official website ( Follow the following steps to register online for Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme:

  • The applicant has to download the CM SUPPORT app on his phone. This app has been created by the Jharkhand government only to take advantage of this scheme or to register.
  • Once the app is downloaded, the applicant has to open the app.
  • Once the app is opened on the phone, the applicant will have to fill a form. To fill the form, the applicant has to click on the Jharkhand petrol subsidy registration form link on the home page of the app.
  • After clicking on the link, the registration form will open on the screen of the phone.
  • While applying the applicant has to enter his ration card number, name and aadhar card number. It has to be taken care that the Aadhar card is linked with the registered mobile number. This will help in OTP verification easily.
  • To login, the applicant has to do with the ration card number and password. The last 8 digits of the Aadhar card number will be the applicant’s password.
  • OTP verification will be done at the time of login and then the applicant will have to enter his vehicle number as well as his driving license number.
  • Applicants can now choose their ration card name and then the verification process will be completed. In this way the information of the vehicle number of the applicant will be made well.
  • Now the application process will be completed and then this application will be sent to the DTO’s login. After which it will be verified by the DTO.
  • Once the application is approved, it will be sent to the DSO’s login. Now the order will be given by the DC and then the bill will be sent to the treasury. Now the amount for the payment of this heart will be transferred to the account of DSO.
  • In this way, the DSO will now remit the amount through DVT to the beneficiary’s bank account every month. If the bank account of the beneficiary is not linked with Aadhaar, the subsidy amount will be transferred to the account of the head of the card. The applicant will have to verify his number for the date and then his list will be transferred to the District Supply Officer.
  • In this way the entire process of online registration of the applicant will be done and thus the subsidy of ₹ 250 will be helped to the beneficiary.

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