How to Fix “Name Change Failed” in World War 3

name change failed world war 3:- In World War III, are you attempting to change your name but failing?

You can receive the following error message: “Name Change Failed.”

Then it says, “Each additional nickname change costs 500.”

In September 2022, WW3 became a game that was available for free.

Due to the large number of new players it drew, there were server problems.

Both the official website and Steam have the game for sale.

You’ll discover the causes of and solutions to the “Name Change Failed” problem in World War 3 in this guide.

Why can’t I change my name in World War 3?

name change failed world war 3

In World War 3, changing your name is not possible since there are problems with the server.

If not, your nickname can be filled with derogatory terms that target people based on their gender, age, ethnicity, or race.

The number of players has greatly increased since the game was made available for free.

As a result, the game’s server is overburdened and unable to handle the traffic.

On forums and social media, a lot of users are reporting the problem.

Have you reached the Name Selection screen yet? Much more so than in my case.

Yes, that is as far as I could get, but I was unable to even apply the name.

We can’t even order from the menu, can we? And you’ll be removed from the game if you do.”

“Man, The game keeps getting stuck at 53% initialising despite my numerous attempts to restart it. It also became stuck while creating a moniker. The game is unplayable.

How to fix “Name Change Failed” in World War 3

You must restart the game and attempt setting your nickname again to resolve “Name Change Failed”.

Avoid using foul language or profanity when choosing your moniker.

You must wait till the servers are less busy before playing it if you’re still seeing the error notice.

You must wait for in-game maintenance to be finished if the game is down for maintenance.

By following @ww3thegame on Twitter, you can find out whether the game is down for maintenance.

There may be some gameplay and technical issues, according to the game’s official blog.

This is because the game was made available for free to play, which attracted an excessive number of players.

The game’s servers are now overburdened due to the rise in players.

If you continue to struggle To contact MY.GAMES customer service, go to

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