Mussoorie Hill Station Place

Mussoorie Hill Station Place:-Mussoorie is a very beautiful and famous hill station located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. It is situated at a distance of 35 kms from Dehradun. This hill station is located at the foothills of the Garhwal Himalaya ranges, in view of its beauty, it was named ‘The Queen of Hills’. Mussoorie is also known as Gangotri, the state gate of Yamanotri. Mansoor bush is mainly found in Mussoorie, it got its name from Mussoorie. Its altitude is about 2000 meters above sea level. Mussoorie is a popular hill station, where diverse flora and fauna are present, people come from far and wide to see the green plains here.

Mussoorie offers a wonderful view of the Himalayan snow ranges in the north-east, from here the Doon Valley, Roorkee, Saharanpur, Haridwar, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Bandar Poonch, Shri Kantha and Nanda Devi are also visible. Read to know the philosophical places of Haridwar

Hill Station Name Mussoorie
The second famous name The Queen of Hills
State Uttarakhand
District Dehradun
Height 6579.5 Feet
Population (2001 census) 26 thousand approx
Language (Local language) Garhwali, Hindi, English
Location 35 kms from Dehradun
pin number 248179
places to visit
The Mall, Kemty Falls, Lal Tibba, Happy Valley

Best Time To Visit Mussoorie

The best time to visit here is from March to November. It gets very cold here in winter, sometimes it rains and snows. In winter, the day temperature here is 7 degrees, while in the night it also goes to zero. Here the heat is not high, the temperature remains 30 during the day, while the coolness increases in the night. So you will feel good by going here in the summer season. The beauty of this hill station increases even in monsoon. Being situated in a mountain, in monsoon it feels as if you are living in a cloud.

how to reach mussoorie

By Air – The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Jolly Grant located in Dehradun. Which is 35 kms away. Buses, taxis, cabs are easily available from the airport to Mussoorie.

By Train – The nearest railway station from Mussoorie is Dehradun. There is daily train movement from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta.

By road – Every day special buses are run by the government of Uttar Pradesh for Mussoorie. This bus runs from Shimla, Haridwar, Delhi to Dehradun, then it goes further from Dehradun to Mussoorie. Mussoorie is 275 km from Delhi, people also go here by their private vehicle.

Things To Do In Mussoorie

Mussoorie is said to be the best for honeymoon in India, Shimla is also 255 km away from here, which can be easily visited. Read on to know the philosophical places of Shimla. Many boarding schools have also been built in Mussoorie.

Kempty falls – It is located 15 km from Mussoorie, and is the main attraction of the tourists. Kemti Falls is surrounded by high hills, it is situated at an altitude of about 1364 meters above sea level. It is very pleasant to sit here and watch the water falling from the falls, listen to its sound, feel the greenery.

Lal Tibba – It is situated on the highest peak of Mussoorie, its height is 2290 meters above sea level. From here you can see such views, which you have never seen before. Kedarnath, Badrinath are also visible from here. To show the picturesque surroundings of their visitors, some people here show you the distant peaks through Japanese binoculars.

Happy Valley – Tibetan people mainly live in Mussoorie, Happy Valley is the place where Tibetans first came to India. 1959 When the spiritual leader, Guru Dalai Lama moved to live in Dharamsala, some Tibetans had fled Lhasa, and moved to Mussoorie. This place is decorated very beautifully. There are quite a few houses, and various types of food stalls are also there.

Camel’s back road – As the name suggests, it is shaped like a camel’s back. It is made of stone, which extends for 3-4 kilometers from Kulri Bazaar to Library Chowk. While strolling on the road here, you can see amazing views of the valley and beautiful views of the mountains. There are very beautiful beautiful views to be photographed here.

Gun Hills – This is the second highest place in Mussoorie. In British times, there was indiscriminate firing with guns, after which it was named Gun Hill. It is situated at an altitude of 2024 meters above sea level.

Mussoorie lake – This is a 6 km long lake on the Mussoorie-Dehradun road, which has been declared a picnic spot by the city board. This natural lake is formed by a natural spring. Here ducks can be seen in the water, apart from this, a paddle boat also runs, which tourists take advantage of here.

Christ Church – Christ Church was built in 1836, which was built by the British in India. This is one of the very old churches in the Himalayas. The stone design, the architectural style, the glass window in the church, presents the events of the life of Jesus Christ very beautifully. The walls and decorations here are very beautiful, which attracts tourists to itself.

Jwalaji Temple – This temple is 9 km away from Mussoorie. There is a statue of the Hindu goddess Durga, many years old. Which is widely recognized.

The Mall – It is also called Mall Road. This is the market of Mussoorie, where everything is available. There are also many hotels here, and all kinds of shops are also present here. Taxis are easily available from here, so that you can go to distant places in Mussoorie.

Naga Tibba – It is 55 km from Mussoorie, it is the best place for trekking. It is 10 thousand feet above sea level, which is surrounded by dense forests.

Surkhanda Devi – It is located 35 km from Mussoorie on Tehri Road. Here it is taken up by ropeway, this temple is also 10 thousand feet above. Here is the statue of Lord Shiva.

Naag devta temple – This temple is located 6 km from Mussoorie on the way to Dehradun. Here the worship of Nag Devta and Shiva is done. The view of Doon Valley is also available from here.

Sir George Everest’s House – It was built in the memory of the great surveyor and geographer Sir George House in 1932. The world’s highest peak Mount Everest was named after him. This is a picnic spot, which is 6 kilometers away from Library Bazaar.

Mussoorie is a very beautiful hill station, where you will go and feel yourself close to nature. This is the best place for both honeymoon and family trip, where you will go and enjoy a lot.

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