Mount Vernon Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Mount Vernon Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer:- All other drivers on the road are seriously at risk from drunk drivers. Alcohol is a significant factor in many road accidents each year. To put your life back on track after being hurt in a car accident brought on by a drunk driver, getting compensation may be essential.

Contact the Morelli Law Firm right away if you need assistance from a Mount Vernon drunk driving accident attorney. We are aware of the potential devastation caused by a drunk driving accident and what it takes to secure just recompense for our clients. Do not be reluctant to begin as we provide free consultations.

Mount Vernon Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

How a Lawyer for Drunk Driving Accidents Can Help

The last thing you need to worry about after being hurt in a drunk driving accident is mounting a legal defence to seek compensation. Fortunately, a Mount Vernon DUI accident lawyer will handle every part of your compensation case, freeing you up to concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Investigating your accident will be one of the first steps your attorney takes. This investigation will concentrate on identifying fault and acquiring proof to back up your compensation claim. Following this, your lawyer will evaluate your damages and determine the value of your claim.

They will then go over your options with you and provide you advice on how to proceed. They will then submit the necessary documentation after that. Your attorney will start the pretrial procedures when you file a personal injury claim in order to represent you in court.

Your attorney will be in communication with the opposing lawyers at the same time to try and reach a resolution. It is frequently preferable to come to a reasonable settlement agreement since it enables you to receive your money fast and prevents a courtroom struggle.

Compensation You Can Claim After a Drunk Driving Accident

If you suffer injuries in a drunk driving accident, you may be entitled to pursue a number of different types of damages. The details of your case will determine the specific damages for which you are qualified. Economic and non-economic damages are the two major categories into which all compensatory damages can be divided.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are any losses that have a direct negative effect on your financial condition. Economic damages cover both out-of-pocket costs and lost income as a result of your injury. You are entitled to compensation for both past and future losses. Typical economic losses include:

  • lost income
  • decreased ability to earn
  • medical expenses
  • Future healthcare costs
  • damage to property

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages include all other losses you experienced. There is no straightforward method to make up for these losses. The amount of money awarded for non-economic losses frequently has a large impact on the lives of accident victims since non-economic damages frequently have. Common examples of non-economic harms are:

  • loss of friendship
  • Distress and suffering
  • permanent impairment
  • reduced level of quality of life
  • Mental suffering

Drunk Drivers Often Face Criminal Charges

After an accident, drunk drivers frequently face criminal penalties in addition to potential civil lawsuits. Your lawyer could suggest that you hold off on bringing a personal injury case until the criminal trial is over. A guilty verdict may be admissible in support of your personal injury claim.

A not guilty judgement won’t hinder your case, either, because the standard of proof in a criminal trial is considerably higher than it is in a civil complaint.

punitive damages

Punitive damages are frequently given in cases of drunk driving accidents. Punitive damages are meant to hold the at-fault party accountable for activities that were either criminally negligent or done on purpose to injure others.

How Much Does a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Charge

Personal injury lawyers don’t bill their clients based on how many hours they spend working on their cases, unlike the majority of other types of lawyers. They put more emphasis on getting results. A personal injury lawyer’s fee is calculated as a preset portion of the settlement you get.

With this payment arrangement, even if you don’t receive compensation from the at-fault party, you won’t be required to pay your attorney anything. On the other hand, your lawyer will make more money the more money you collect. This makes it more likely that your interests and those of your lawyer will be similar, and they will work tirelessly to maximise your compensation.

Additionally, this method enables all accident victims to retain knowledgeable legal counsel. Because they only ever receive payment from the settlement you receive from the at-fault party, you’ll never have to worry about being unable to pay your lawyer’s bills.

Don’t Miss the Deadline to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A lawyer might suggest that you hold off on bringing a lawsuit until the criminal trial is over, but they will only do so if you can do it while still following all deadlines. The typical statute of limitations in New York for bringing a personal injury claim is three years. There are, however, some unique situations that can further shorten the window of time you have to submit.

The best approach to make sure that all deadlines are fulfilled and that you don’t lose out on your opportunity to obtain compensation is to retain a drunk driving accident attorney in Mount Vernon as soon as possible following your accident. Furthermore, by beginning as soon as possible following your injury, your attorney will be in the best position to gather proof and create a strong case.

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To put your life back on track after an accident, securing proper compensation is crucial. Our team of Mount Vernon drunk driving accident attorneys at the Morelli Law Firm is aware of the terrible nature of these mishaps. We have a track record of obtaining significant settlements for our clients.

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