Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix high speed collision

lewis hamilton:- Guys Formula One race Indian Lewis on the helmet and network who is leading the driver’s championship this season, then joined the speeding truck at the opening level of the British Village of Pipri on Sunday.

The day was pained at a time in Friends but in a board play makers the Mercedes driver pulled from the net to take his party’s victory and regain his title defense at the end two laps behind. left.

Before taking the helmet, he made several attempts to overtake the pen sitting on the ground, but when others reached the driver, Ranbir touched the red blue driver’s right driver in Britain.

The Black Ship veered near the truck and gravel before crashing into these obstacles though was able to get away from doing its wrecking in Touch.

Helmets take 1st class at the start of the British Grand Prix.

Guys race was suspended due to lobbying gender.

Here’s what Red Bull tweeted on Sunday, following an assessment made by Trackside Track Karo at the Silverstone Skeet medical team, the sitting pen has been taken to a local hospital for further landmark tests.

Veg Tiffin tweeted from the hospital that she is fine and believes that the helmet tank wound will later be treated as humiliating.

He said glad I am fine Very disappointed to be fired like this.

The punishment given doesn’t help us and the dangerous move by Lewis on the track doesn’t help. Watching the ceremony while in the hospital is humiliating and unsporting but we move on.

‘Desperate move’

Here Red Bull team principal Christian Harna said helmet runs are completely out of order.

Told his channel 4 everyone who has driven that corner knows you don’t have a measure or respect in it he put it in the big thank god he didn’t get hurt it was a desperate move.

10 second penalty to admin for incident with Wedge Steveles request.

before coming tha helmet said in a radio call with his team this was my line i was giving place to the boy.

Helmets chased Lenin despite the Guys penalty and was still behind on Lab 50 to take the lead on all places and then Britain’s Mosque teammate Military Post third to secure their race win. stay on.

Helmet His win gave him 25 points, leaving him just 8 behind Western Pen in the drivers’ position.

According to the organizers of Silverton, 140,000 more people took part in Sunday’s race.

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