how to run whatsapp in jio phone in hindi 2022

Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye:- Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope you guys will be very good friends, all of you are welcome in this block, friends, today we will give you complete information about this Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye, so that you too You can run WhatsApp in your Jio phone, so let’s start talking about today’s topic without delay.

You people must know that Jio Phone is a 4G phone, this phone has 4G as well as a very cheap phone, in today’s time this phone is seen in the house of all of us, in this phone we have 4G Net pack. With the help of video calls, you are able to use YouTube, Jio Cinema etc.

But along with this, we will also tell you that this is a very easy task in your Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye, all you have to do is read this article of ours till the last, then let’s know Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye

how to use whatsapp in jio phone

Jio Phone is a very simple phone like a small phone, as we used to use a small phone of Nokia earlier, it is the same type of phone, but in this phone you will get to see many types of advanced features, partner as well as in this phone. You can also use Facebook, we can also call this phone a small smartphone.

Friends, I will tell you now how you can run your Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Kaise, first of all you have to turn on the internet in your phone, then after that you will have to go to Jiostore App, this app is available in your phone since you buy the phone. Like you would see Play Store in our Android phone, in the same way there is Jiostore in Jio phone.

  • First of all, by going to Jiostore, you will have to roam the WhatsApp application and then download it, if Whatsapp is already downloaded in your phone, then you can go to Jiostore and update it.
  • After downloading and installing, now you have to open the WhatsApp application and then enter your active mobile number.
  • When you enter the number then you should have another number available because an OTP will be sent to that number, you have to verify it by entering it inside the WhatsApp application, now you can run Whatsapp in your Jio Phone.

Which apps can run in Jio Phone

Friends, if you talk about today’s time, then there are many applications that you can easily use in your Jio Phone like Facebook, Hotstar, WhatsApp, YouTube, Jio Cinema, Google Map, Browser etc.

Let us tell you this thing that in the coming time, you can use more applications, in the present time you can understand the situation of the country, so now Aarogya Setu App has been added in Joi Phone too. People have downloaded this application in their Jio Phone.

So friends, in this way you can run WhatsApp in your Jio phone, now you keep sending photos or videos to your friends or relatives from WhatsApp and can talk to your partner as well as if someone messages you on WhatsApp. Notification will come in your phone

When Jio Phone was launched, you could not download WhatsApp in this phone, but in today’s time, considering the needs of people, Jio Phone has made WhatsApp available for their users in their official Jiostore.

With friends, in today’s time, you can easily download and use WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and other applications in Jio phone, you will get all kinds of facilities in this phone.


Friends, after reading today’s article Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye, you must have liked it very much, in this phone you can easily use WhatsApp, when the Jio phone was launched, it was not so easy but considering the needs of the people. All kinds of official applications have become available in Jio Phone.

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