How to Reduce weight Tips Lose weight sitting around without gym

How to Reduce weight Tips one is unaware of the problems that occur in the body with increasing weight, so it has become difficult to ignore the increasing weight. With increasing weight, the chances of many diseases of sugar, heart, thyroid and kidney also increase, so reducing weight not only makes the personality attractive but many diseases can also be avoided. Some simple tips given below can be adopted to lose weight, but before that it is very important to understand the reasons of increasing weight and BMI as well as consult an expert.

Reasons of high weight

How to Reduce weight Tips reason for your excess weight can be thyroid related problems or increase in cholesterol or accumulation of body fat, any of these can be. In such a situation, before starting to lose weight, understand the reason for the increased weight, so that you can get the right direction.

Fat stored in the body is actually stored energy, along with which carbohydrates and proteins are also available in the body. Your body converts fat into energy to be used. And stores the extra energy in the form of calories. If you want to lose weight, then this stored fat, which is called a calorie, is consumed, when it decreases, the fat cells start shrinking. These cells do not disappear, although along with this, genetic and other factors are also taken into account to reduce weight.

What is BMI

The parameter of a healthy body is the body mass index, which is measured by the ratio of weight to height, but too much increased weight is a problem that a person can feel without knowing BMI.

Take some advice from Experts

Various ways to lose weight can be found from allopathic to ayurvedic medicines or the help of a nutritionist and gym trainer can also be taken. But the choice of any one of these methods completely depends on the seriousness of the problem. If the weight has increased so much that due to this some other disease has also started, then it would be best that you talk to the allopathic doctor, and according to his advice, take any steps to reduce your weight. But if the doctor has only warned or told that you can adopt any method along with the medicines given to reduce weight, then you can adopt some simple home tips to lose weight.

How to reduce weight fast

It is natural to be quick to lose weight, but the timing completely depends on the reasons due to which you have gained weight. It is not that it is impossible to lose more weight in a short time, but its many side effects and the possibility of rapid growth cannot be ignored. If one wants to lose weight quickly but does not have to face any side effects, the best way is to make lifestyle changes with exercise, yoga and a balanced diet. Along with all this, weight can also be reduced by adopting some home remedies.

Avoid Overeating and take only nutritious food

You don’t have to skip meals to lose weight, yes! It is true that overeating is the main reason for weight gain. But for fear of this, food cannot be completely abandoned, because when the food is completely stopped, the body also stops getting the necessary nutrients. That is why it is very important to see that the weight is brought under control without reducing any nutrients. Taking a balanced diet in food is the only way that along with reducing weight, nutrition also reaches the body. Include more fruits of all kinds in the food, do not take junk food at all. Reduce the place of leaving sugar completely, but if there is already a problem of sugar, then only stop sugar completely.

Maintain a routine

Correct the routine, get up on time and take at least 6 hours of sound sleep. Adopt the habit of walking in the morning and doing exercise and yoga for a few minutes. Along with this, drinking warm water every morning and mixing lemon juice and honey in it also helps in weight loss and the digestive system remains balanced throughout the day.

Prefer Green tea over tea or coffee

Taking tea and coffee reduces appetite, but the caffeine found in it is not beneficial for the body in the long term. There are no side effects of drinking green tea instead.

Make a Schedule

For weight loss, it is important that you set your own schedule, which includes regular exercise, yoga and some habits like running, walking.

Take a Small sized plat for food

This may sound strange, but according to a research, people take more food in their plate than what they eat, and the reason for doing this is because the size of the plate is bigger. So the bigger the plate, the more food you have to eat. Therefore, eating less can be started by taking food in a small plate.

Don’t skip Breakfast

Morning meal is the most important meal for the whole day. For this reason, never skip breakfast in the morning, even if you take lunch late or do not take lunch any day, because breakfast does not make you hungry for many hours, so having a healthy breakfast is very useful in weight loss.

Maintain a Healthy Life style

It is generally believed that weight can be controlled by dieting, while the truth is that by reducing food or not taking enough nutrients, not only does fat increase in the body, but also the necessary vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies also occur. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that no one should avoid food. Instead, include some common activities in everyday life, so that not only does the food get digested but there is no deposition of extra fat, such as using the stairs instead of the lift, cleaning the house. If you go to the market to buy vegetables or any other work, then instead of the car, you should walk on foot. In this way, try to keep the body continuously active for at least 30 minutes throughout the day. If you want, you can also do cardio workouts or basic activities like walking, jogging, running, cycling or swimming. Before starting, along with weighing your weight, take the measurement of your waist, hips with the measuring tape. Because their reduction means the fat is decreasing and the muscles are increasing. Weight control can also be done by playing some games like badminton, tennis, cricket. You can also lose weight quickly by doing Zumba, hip-hop or freestyle dancing.

Control on Calorie intake in food

You can also download an app to keep an eye on your calorie intake. You can see the calories of whatever you buy to eat, if the food item is not stored or sealed, then the help of internet can also be taken for this.

In this way you can reduce 5 to 10 pounds in the first week itself. By consuming less carbohydrates, blood sugar, triglyceride, cholesterol are reduced while high density lipids increase.

How to reduce weight naturally

  • Take only balanced and nutritious diet. Eat such food which makes you feel full first. Instead of junk food like soda, pasta, pizza, cake, eat other fiber and protein rich food like raw vegetables, nuts, berries.
  • There should be 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates in your diet. Protein is one of the essential and important 3 elements (protein, carbohydrate, lipid) for the body, so never ignore it. Some things like protein shakes or protein ladoos can be taken. Meat, fish and seafood contain a lot of protein. By taking a high protein diet, appetite is reduced and the desire to eat decreases by 60 percent, 440 calories taken in such food are reduced.
  • Ingredients containing low carbohydrates can also be taken like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, sprouts, cabbage, cucumber etc. and their effects are visible soon.
  • If you are an adult then you must take 2000 to 2500 calories daily. To lose weight, the intake of calories from 250 to 500 can be reduced.
  • For weight loss, it is not necessary to do body tiring and stressful exercises every day, if you want, you can also go to the gym for some fixed days and times in the week, this will not only bring the increasing weight under control but you will also get tired without getting tired. You will also feel energized.
  • A little warm-up and lifting weights will burn enough calories. But it is necessary to do this under the supervision of a gym trainer because doing more calories burns more but metabolism decreases.
  • If you want, you can also take a diet containing more carbohydrates one day a week. Oats, rice potatoes etc. can be taken for this. But it will be effective only if it is for only one day as it will increase the fat-burning hormones like leptin and thyroid hormone.
  • Take a high protein breakfast, this will reduce hunger throughout the day and will also reduce calorie intake. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and fruit juices, they increase fat.
  • Drink water half an hour after eating, according to a research, up to 44% weight can be reduced in 3 months by doing this.
  • In fact, the deposition of fat often occurs in the belly area, hips and thighs. Soluble fiber reduces the extra fat stored in these parts of the body, besides glucomannan is also a good option.
  • If you drink a lot of tea – it helps in reducing weight, due to the caffeine found in it, the metabolism increases by 3 to 11%.
  • By chewing food slowly, you will feel full soon and this will also increase the hormones that reduce weight.

Home remedy for reducing weight

1.Boiling a teaspoon of cinnamon in hot water and drinking it balances blood sugar.
2.Green tea contains compounds called caffeine, catechins and theanine. Coffee boosts metabolism while catechins contain anti-oxidant flavonoids. The absorption of fat in the intestine is also reduced due to catechins. Theanine causes dopamine release which is a stress reducer.
3.Food diary can also be maintained and according to research people who keep food diary eat up to 15% less food than those who do not keep diary. According to a research conducted at the University of North Carolina, individuals take an extra 115 calories on weekends, this can be reduced by doing workouts only on weekends.
4.Even after trying continuously for a long time, you are not getting any special results and if you do not see any reduction in weight, then it is possible that you are not able to calculate your calories properly. In fact, you should try adding another 10% of the total calories consumed every day. For example, if you are taking 1700 calories, then add 170 calories more to it and improve your eating habits accordingly. It is clear that your 1 cup of coffee can contain more calories than you anticipate.
5.There are two types of fat, saturated and unsaturated fat, out of which saturated fat causes obesity, which is found in ghee and oil, but using coconut oil instead can be beneficial because the percentage of saturated fat in it is compared to are quite low. Drinking lukewarm water 3 to 4 times a day is also beneficial for reducing weight.

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