How to Change Netflix Password Step By Step

how to change netflix password:- Knowing how to update your Netflix passwords is essential since it can be highly handy. Maybe you’ve been concerned for a while that a data breach might have exposed the details of your account. Or have you ever divulged your password to friends or family members when there were only 19 of them? You haven’t had a Netflix subscription as a result, right? You need to get your password back.

how to change netflix password

If you’ve currently forgotten your Netflix password. You must change your Netflix password in this situation and choose a new password. to make it simple for you to access your streaming subscription.

Fortunately, both the Netflix mobile app and the desktop browser make it quite simple to change your Netflix password. Then it will be simple to update your Netflix account password on other devices. Similar to how a streaming stick or smart TV can be readily replaced.

The step-by-step methods to change your Netflix password and fully secure your online account are provided below. if your Netflix account has been used by an unidentified person who has been connected to your account for a while. You may retain this by altering your Netflix password, you can keep a certain person out of your account.

How to change your Netflix password on a desktop

1:- To begin with, launch your desktop’s browser and navigate to the Netflix website (opens at night time). The red button in the top right corner must now be tapped. Create your Netflix account now.

2:- At this point, you must select your profile. welcome to the Netflix home page. Now click on your profile picture in the top corner with your mouse. You then click your Netflix profile.

3:- Next, click “Change Password” under Subscriptions & Billing.

4:- At this point, you must input your current Netflix login. The new password you want to use for a longer length of time will then need to be entered. To confirm the new password, you will need to enter it one again.

5:- Check to see that the “Require all devices to sign in again with new password” checkbox is checked. This will compel you to create a new password in place of the one your family is using to access your Netflix account. (that is hidden from your family)

6:- You must select the appropriate Save option in order to validate your password change. You then return to the Netflix account page.

How to change your Netflix password on mobile

1:- if you have an Android or iOS device. You need to update your device’s Netflix password. Open the Netflix app on your smartphone to do that.

2:- Currently, you must sign into your Netflix account. You must also choose your profile.

You must tap your profile picture and choose your Netflix account in the top right corner of your device’s screen.

3:- On your iPad or Android device, press More at the bottom of the screen to continue. Additionally, you need to select a Netflix account. Your default mobile browser will now launch and take you to the Netflix website.

You must select “Change Password” there. then key in both your current and recently generated password.

4:- As was already said. You click the box once again to indicate that “all devices need to sign in again with a new password.”

5:- Click Save to validate your new password. Your Netflix password will be modified in this manner. Your Netflix account will now automatically update on all of your devices.

How to reset your Netflix password

1:- If you’ve forgotten your Netflix password, for starters. But you want your Netflix account back. For this reason, you will need to reset your Netflix password.

You must click “Help” if you wish to reset your Netflix password. The Login Sign In button at the bottom must now be tapped.

2:- At this point, you must select your email. To send an email, you must accurately enter your email address and click or tap the Email me button.

Netflix will now send you a notification telling you to change your password. If you want to access your password, you will then need to select a new one.

3:- As an alternative, you must select Text Message (SMS). Your phone number must now be entered. You In order to get driving instructions to your phone number, you must click the text me button.

4:- if the email address or mobile number you used to sign up for Netflix has changed. Following that, you must select “I can’t remember my email address or phone number.”

Following this, Netflix will attempt to obtain your name and credit or debit card so you can quickly reset your password.

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