How is President of America elected In English 2022

How is President of USA (America) elected in hindi The bitter cold of the year 2016 will bring a new gift for the people of America this time. For the presidential election to be held in America, the electoral process has already started. The battle to be seated in the most powerful chair of the world’s largest continent and most powerful country has started. In America, the President is not elected through an easy process like in India, here the President is elected in a complicated manner through a long process. In America, the President is elected indirectly. President Barack Obama is considered the most successful and powerful president in the world.

How is President of America elected

The President of the United States is elected every four years. America’s democracy is considered to be the oldest in the world, the whole world is excited to know the new president here.

The next date for the US presidential election is on November 6.

President of USA America qualifications

  • Be 35 years of age or more.
  • Be a citizen of the United States, otherwise living there for at least 14 years.
  • It is necessary to be part of any election campaign before the age of 35.
  • A presidential candidate cannot stand for any other office.

There are mainly 2 parties in America –

No. Name of the Party Main Candidate
1. Democratic Bernie Sanders
2. Republican
Donald Trump

These are internal elections for the candidate within the two parties, the one who gets the most votes in the party, is made the candidate for the post of President. According to current trends, Donald Trump has been confirmed as the candidate of the Republican Party, but the battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is still going on in the Democratic Party. By the way, according to the current news, Hillary is leading ahead of Sanders. Like the rest of the countries, election campaigning takes place here too loudly. These elections, which last for one and a half years, also incur a lot of expenditure, for which two years before the coming of the elections, the parties start collecting donations.

President of America

After collecting donations, these parties work in different areas of the country for the publicity of their party. During this, the people of the country decide to choose the party of their future President. How much money is spent in the presidential election in America, it cannot even be estimated.

President of US America election process

The first process – runs from January to June, in which the people who want to become the President within the parties give their name to the party. The party issues the list of the presidential candidate after considering it. It is elected in two ways, primary and caucus.
Second process – After this there is an election within the party, from which the representative of the party is elected. Which is also called party delegate.
Third process – A meeting is organized by including the representatives of all the parties, in which one by one the party representatives announce the name of the presidential candidate of their respective parties. In this process nomination, election campaign takes place. In this campaign, there is also a debate between these candidates on TV. Each party campaigns in its own way.
Fourth Process – This is the last process in which the Electoral College elects the President.
Know in detail about America’s electoral process –

Primary and caucus – These are the two parts of the first process. Parties have to campaign in different states of the country to gather their members. In the primary round, the member of the party which the public wants to be the presidential candidate can go to the polling station and vote for him. This process has no written article in the US Constitution, which is why, apart from this, there is also a caucus process. In this, a meeting of the party is called, where the common man is also present, after a long debate here the list of candidates is prepared.

Campaigning Process – This is the most important, all the candidates campaign with enthusiasm for maximum supporter. There are some swing states in America, where campaigning is considered the most important, because voters here can vote for any party. There is no limit on election campaign in America, any party can start campaigning here any time before. There is also no limit on the amount of money spent in election campaigning.

Electoral Colleges – They are directly elected by the people of the country. An elected member is elected from each state of the country. All the electors together form the Electoral College, which directly elects the President. As elected members of the state, the party fields its own candidate, so that his supporters can reach the electoral team. The total number of electors in America is 538. These electors elect the presidential candidates by voting. After the election of the electorate, the participation of the general public in the presidential election ends. If a candidate gets at least 270 votes, then only he wins the election.

The number of electors is different in every state, according to the population of the state, there is a quota of electors. The elder has more electoral and the smaller has less. All state electors are divided into 2 parts, Senator and Congressman. The candidate keeps his eyes on the big states only.

Vice president of America election

The Vice-President is also elected by the electoral method. The party which puts up its presidential candidate, the same candidate chooses the vice-president candidate from his party. Electoral has to cast 2 votes at the time of election, one for the President and the other for the Vice-President. But it is worth noting that, Electoral cannot vote for 2 candidates of the same state. But earlier it was not so, Electoral casts only one vote for the presidency, the one who got more votes became the President, the lesser one was made the Vice President.

People of America and different countries do not pay attention to this long election process from the beginning. But we should know about this process, thinking that we shared this article with you. Once the name of the presidential candidate is finalized, this election can be taken care of during the election campaign.

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