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What is health, remedies, causes, tips:-Everyone knows this line, but how many people give time for this, it is a matter to think about. To be happy in life, it is necessary to remain physically and mentally healthy in all respects. Generally people think that, they run a lot in their daily routine, so they do not need any physical exercise. But it is wrong to think so. Whatever work you are doing has become a part of your life. Your body has become accustomed to such a lifestyle, so for some time any kind of exercise is necessary for everyone.

Many people also believe that exercise is necessary only for obese people. These are also wrong. Exercise is necessary for everyone. Many times you must have seen that even a thin skinny person is not able to do many types of physical work. The problem of high and low blood pressure can also happen to a lean person. And sometimes a fat looking person is also agile. It is very important to increase stamina, if you want to have a good old age. Let us know what is health and how to get good health.

what is health
Health is explained in simple words, then health is such a thing, which keeps any person fit and healthy. In other words, health refers to that state when a person does not have any physical and mental problems of any kind. Everyone has the right to have good health, but for this he has to take many precautions. Our body is the only thing that stays with us till we die. That is why if your health is good then you will not need to depend much on any person even in old age. That is why a person should pay special attention to his health, because as long as his hands and feet keep working, he will not have to stretch his hands in front of anyone.

what is good health
Good health means that a person should be fit and healthy and he should not suffer from any kind of physical or mental illness. There are some main qualities of a person in good health which are as follows –

full of energy
If a person is in good health, then there is always energy available in his body to work in sufficient quantity and he does not get tired in doing any work.

live longer
The biggest advantage of good health is that, it does not get any disease early, due to which a person lives his life longer.

The person’s weight remains under control
Sometimes in various types of diseases the weight of the person increases without any reason. That is why the person who is healthy, his weight remains under control. In such a situation, the person is less likely to suffer from diseases, due to which his health remains good.

good mood
Good health affects a person’s physical health as well as his mental health. A person with good health has a good mood and is always happy.

less dangerous diseases
Where people with poor health are more prone to diseases, the same person with good health is less prone to diseases, because his body’s immunity power is good.

what is bad health
Poor health means when a person is not physically or mentally healthy and he is suffering from any one or both of the physical or mental problems.

what is the cause of ill health
The person whose health is bad, he suffers a lot from it, because due to poor health, his body is harmed, as well as bad health also affects his family members. In such a situation, a person should know about the reasons for bad health, so that he can protect himself. Some of the reasons for poor health are as follows –

not exercising
If a person eats food, but does not do any physical exercise or exercise, then it also has a bad effect on his health, because when he does not do any physical work, then his body starts feeling lethargic. Due to which he gets very lazy in doing any work.

overeating drugs
The main reason for the deterioration of health is that a person consumes intoxicants more than necessary. For example, the person who consumes tobacco, alcohol, gutka or bidi, their health gradually deteriorates.

eating junk food
Junk Food is the second reason for the deterioration of health. Many people go to the market and eat junk food, which is not digested properly, due to which the person starts troubled by many problems related to stomach, because more oil spices are used in making junk food, which is not good for health. is not considered as a benefit.

take too much tension
Bad health is not only physical but also mental. The person who takes more tension, his health also deteriorates.

ways to get good health
Below we are going to tell you 7 such simple steps, which will improve your health. If you follow the steps mentioned below in your daily routine, then no one can stop you from becoming healthy.

don’t compromise on sleep
Scientifically it is believed that getting 8 hours of sleep every day is very important for our body. That is why if you want to have good health, then you must take 8 hours of sleep daily.

manage anxiety and tension
Taking too much worry and tension is bad for our health, but due to busy lifestyle, we get many tensions in daily life, which affects our health badly. That’s why you should take least worry and tension.

eat a balanced diet
You do not have to stop eating food to be healthy, yes the thing you have to give up is junk food, because rust food is harmful for your body. You should eat things full of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and essential nutrients in your diet. It gives energy to your body, as well as keeps your body always active.

make exercise a habit
Exercising the body is very important for good health, because exercising burns our extra calories, as well as exercising gives shape to our body. Along with exercising, the muscles of our body become active, which work to keep diseases away. go swimming

don’t sit for long
Due to prolonged sitting in one place for a long time, we have to face many health related problems. For example, a person who sits for a long time in any one place has to face problems like high blood pressure, bone problems or obesity.

That is why if you do any work in which you have to sit for a long time, then you should get up for a while in between and take a walk for a while.

give up bad habits
Living a healthy life starts with giving up bad habits. That is why if you consume liquor, gutkha, alcohol, cigarette bidi, beer, then you should give up these habits, otherwise you may have heart-related diseases or liver-related diseases.

protect yourself from pollution
From water to air, from air to soil, there is pollution in almost everything. In such a situation, we should protect ourselves from pollution, whether you are inside the house or outside the house.

ayurvedic remedies for good health
Ayurveda has been used for thousands of years in different ways for good health. There are many such remedies in Ayurveda, using which you can improve your health. Ayurvedic remedies for good health are as follows.

eat neem
Let us tell you that a good amount of antibiotics are present inside neem and if you consume neem leaves daily, it removes the toxic elements from your body, as well as purifies the blood present in your body. Due to which your chances of getting any blood related disease are reduced.

eat triphala churan
The root of most problems in our body is our stomach, because when we eat food, its digestion takes place in our stomach and when our food is not digested properly then we start having problems like constipation, indigestion and anorexia. is | That is why to avoid these problems, you should take Ayurvedic Triphala Churna. It helps in improving your digestion.

Disadvantages of not doing physical labor for health –
1. Weight Gains
2. Laziness increases in the body
3. Diseases Happen
4. Doing some other physical work causes fatigue quickly

Important things related to health
Health Tips 1. Give time (30min to 45 min) to any kind of exercise in daily routine. You can do yoga, pranayama, walk, gym workout etc.

Health Tips 2. Having a proper amount of water is also very important. 12 to 15 glasses of water should be taken throughout the day, because of this harmful toxins are out of the body and keep the body away from many diseases. Whenever you take water at home, use the biggest glass possible.

Health Tips 3. Whenever you wake up in the morning, take 1 glass of normal water. And after getting fresh, take 1 glass of lukewarm water with lukewarm water. In which add 6 to 7 drops of lemon juice and if possible, you can also add 1 teaspoon honey.

Health Tips 4. 1 glass of water should be taken 10 minutes before lunch and dinner. This improves digestion, and if it is lukewarm water then it will be even better.

Health Tips 5. Drink water 30min after lunch and dinner. Take only a little water immediately after taking food. If this water is lukewarm then it will be very beneficial.

Health Tips 6. Taking regular amount of water also brings glow on your face. If you count the glasses for a few days and take 12 to 15 glasses of water, then after a few days it will be set in your routine.

Health Tips 7. If you do 10 min slow walk after lunch and dinner, it will prove to be very good and apart from this, if you can do 5 min Vajrasana, then it will also be beneficial.

Health Tips 8. If you take black tea with lemon and honey or green tea at least twice a day, then the metapolism will increase in your body, which is very important. Metapolisism is one of the reasons, due to which weight gain occurs. Its quantity is necessary to be good in the body and after the age of 20, the metapolism starts decreasing. To maintain it, it is very important to have exercise and a proper routine.

Health Tips 9. Due to low metabolism, food is not digested properly and body starts bloating and fat starts increasing. Many times we think, our diet is very less, yet we gain weight and eat a lot in front, yet we are lean and thin. This is due to metapolis.

Health Tips 10. Losing weight by eating less food is wrong, dieting does not harm. Everyone should take food according to their hunger, just do not take it together and break it into some pieces. Salad and curd are very important in food, include it in your diet.

Health Tips 11. Breakfast means it is very important to have breakfast in the morning and if it is heavy, you feel energy throughout the day. And the lighter the dinner, the better and do it as soon as possible. Eating anything late at night is wrong.

Health Tips 12. Due to the busyness of work, many people have dinner only late at night. If you can change this habit, then it is very good, but otherwise, try to do 10 minutes walk or Vajrasana after having dinner and take warm water (lukewarm water) 30 minutes after the meal.

Health Tips 13.

All the above mentioned Health Tips In Hindi are very important but do not panic after seeing them. Having good habits is essential for a healthy body, but you cannot improve all habits in a day. Gradually make one habit a part of your life. After a time these habits will become a part of your life and you will be able to do all this without any hard work and stress.

Your health is only in your hands, no one else can take care of it, if you do not change your habits today, then there will be nothing left except to regret in future. In today’s time, the average age is 80 years old, but only 10% of the people are healthy at this age.

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