Top 5 Health Insurance Companies In India in 2021

Health Insurance Companies:- When we do a job every day, our house runs smoothly, but what will happen to you in the future and we do not have any idea about it, later when the working man of our house is not among us, then problems start in our house. That’s why people do that we should get 10% more health insurance than some of us so that our family should not be troubled by financial crisis in future, although there are many insurance companies in the market, but for you about top five health insurance company justified in

1. SBI Life Insurance Company

Friends, according to me, in India’s second largest insurance company SBI Life, the turnover of these companies is in crores, friends SBI is also a bank, so you can invest your money in us, although SBI has many plans but we have a Life Insurance Health Wealth Plus is the plan in which people like to invest it is a personal plan and friends in this you have to invest little money every month and later help you to make the same wealth.

2. LIC Life Insurance Corporation

Talking about it, it cannot happen that most people in India have LIC insurance and most people like to invest money in LIC, due to which most of LIC’s policies are premium for a long time. You have to invest a little later, after I get wise, I get you money and interest back on the date, then LIC gives death benefit to your family. LIC has many plans in which you can invest according to your own. It is such a big company friends that you can trust us blindly and now LIC is about to launch its IPO as well.

3. Max Life Insurance

Friends, this company has 900000 and above A standard and they also have 277 offices all over India, the lines of this company are also like LIC, in which we have to invest a little money every year, this company’s claim pad road tub is more than 99 percent This company has many plans in which you can invest your money in which you can plan Max insurance from small child to old age Carpet train is from 5 years to 7 years.

4. India first Life

Now the company does not do marketing, but it is a very small company if it comes, according to sources, the annual turnover of this company is about 25000 crores. The plans of this company have come very diverse, such as their Wealthmax is a plan in which they collect our money. They invest in another plan, Granted ready-made planes, in which those people wish us Government Wonder Wonder Cement, apart from these, there are many other plans with these companies.

5. Bharti AXA life Insurance

When you watch TV, you will know that the end of this company is visible, this company is not there yet but it performs well in the last few years, people have given good recluse for this company, this company has health insurance as well as bike and Car insurance is recruited, this company has done more than two crore policies, there are more than 5400 garages all over India, this company has told 94% of the claims.

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