How to “Go through the arch” in Genshin Impact

go through the arch genshin impact:- You can complete a variety of tasks and quests in Genshin Impact to get rewards.

In addition, it contains tales, cutscenes, and side quests.

Some quests may appear simple, but they are actually quite challenging.

You might be having trouble solving a riddle, for instance.

The puzzle’s resolution is simple to figure out, though.

In other instances, some activities or puzzles are challenging to do since there are little to no tips.

You must pass through the arch to complete a mission in the game.

Many players, however, are unsure of what to look into or engage with.

This is because there won’t be any directions provided.

You’ll discover how to “Go through the arch” in Genshin Impact in this guide.

How to “Go through the arch” in Genshin Impact

go through the arch genshin impact

Genshin Impact: How to “Go through the arch”

  1. Head over to “Vanarana, Sumeru. The Planet Aranara
  2. To access your inventory, click the backpack icon.
  3. Choose “Vintage Lyre.”
  4. To equip it, select “Switch.”
  5. Turn to face the light source.
  6. Select the lit notes by playing the Lyre.
  7. “Fa, Mi, So, Fa, Do” should be the correct order.
  8. traverse the first Arch.
  9. Track down and gather the green flecks.
  10. Twice shake the brilliant sign in the air (above the blue flower).
  11. Follow along while you gather the green particles.
  12. To offer Phantasmal Seeds, proceed to the second Arch.

Following your selection of the illuminated notes, a cutscene will begin to play.

Your character will be seen playing the lyre in the cutscene.

Following that, the goal will be altered from “play the Rhythm of the Great Dream in the given area” to “Go through the arch.”

It appears that a lot of users are unable to see the illuminated notes.

They most likely choose the incorrect Lyre, which is why this is the case.

Change to the “Vintage Lyre” or another Lyre if you’re having the same problem.

Following the green particles through the arch until you reach the second arch, play the lyre in accordance with the lit-up notes. Then, proceed to the third arch.

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