Real Girls WhatsApp Number List Collection In 2021

girls whatsapp number list 2021:- Are you one of those people? If so, this post is for you and for people just like you. Because here we will share the Whatsapp numbers of over 1000 girls from many countries through this post today. With any WhatsApp number you can be friends with them by sending them messages on their Whatsapp.

provide you with the real numbers of beautiful girls on Whatsapp. Womenchannel has been providing users with a conducive and 100% FREE platform to meet and interact.

Over the years, we have discovered that boys are wasting a lot of time and effort searching Girls WhatsApp numbers or real girls Whatsapp number without much success. We are in the business of providing guys all over the world with girls Whatsapp numbers for friendship, dating, and even marriage.

So, if you had searched for Whatsapp girls, Whatsapp number, girls Whatsapp number for friendship, girls mobile number for friendship, or girl Whatsapp number list, then you are in the right place. This page will be providing you with the list of 100% real WhatsApp numbers online.

Various girls from different countries share their own WhatsApp contact details online, seek friendship and meet new people. There are so many girls with different social skills, there are millions of nice girls in the world who are shy, so they decide to use online dating to meet new guys and seek friendship.

This post will provide you girls whatsapp numbers of all continents of the world except Antarctica. This page contains Dubai girls, Italian girls, Germany girls, Australia girls, French girls, America girls, UK – London girls, Belgium girls, Portugal girls, Brazilian girls, China girls, India girls , Pakistan girls, Nigerian girls, Ghanaian girls. Girls from Kenya, Girls from South Africa, etc.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world today, offering billions of users worldwide the opportunity to communicate, meet and do business for free. Boys and girls who are interested in making WhatsApp friends will definitely find this post helpful.

Real Girls Whatsapp Number List 2021

Friends, if you want Girls Number on google, we will tell you this post. Here we share a list of real girl numbers in all countries. By using these numbers you can make new friends on WhatsApp and any girl who wants to have a relationship with you, you can also be her boyfriend. Isn’t that great? Let’s read the full post.

Friends, there are such people among you who feel lonely, who want to talk to someone and have no one to talk to, they need someone to tell them what is in their heart and they have no one to talk to. It is not uncommon for people to be frustrated by this, do you always feel the same way, and need a new friend?

If you are single and lonely and you do not have female friends you can use these numbers to make new friends on whatsapp. Many people think she is a girl, but unable to talk because she has no female friends, they get frustrated and sad.

So do not be sad, we have brought you the latest news, a new smile will come on your face, we understand everything about you, in this we want to help you in every way, this and that something you can help. in person. We have prepared for this, friends, let us know that we do not need anything for you.

Name Number
Ritika +91 72764887523
Rashmi Samal +91 93747283754
Divya +91 95423584755
Kalpna +91 85037267835
Anisha Biswal +91 96785312956
Mamata Mallik +91 78654746936
Srabani Thakur +91 76818917473
Urmila +91 72836297036
Tanuja Samal +91 96547660512
Ananya +91 90570523404
Somya +91 77352679343
Deepika +91 73932136722
Nini +91 63648096625

Call Girl Real Number

call girl real number Whatsapp numbers for all girls is provided. They are all Tamil girls. Because Tamilian or Telugu girls are very friendly. They like to make new friends. All numbers are shared here. All the latest. And they are all active users. The advantage of this is that the chances of getting your answer on all these numbers will be much girl real number

Girls Name Phone Number
Kajal +91 7123879654
Neema +91 6123879654
Sonam +91 9501244124
Divya +91 6031504584
Rekha +91 6031504583
Deepika +91 6031504582
Archana +91 6031504580
Barkha Jain +91 6031504589
Lakshi +91 6031504585
Komal +91 6031504549
Aruna +91 6031504547
Reshma +91 6031504522
Aarti +91 6031504521
Soni +91 6031504533
Tanu +91 6031504545
Riya +91 6031504588

Girl Mobile Number List 2021

n this list, you are given the girl mobile number list 2021 of Pure Girls of India. All of these numbers will be provided with their names. Of course, it cannot be stated whether his real name is or not. Name we know We give you the number of the same name below.girl mobile number list 2021

girl mobile number list 2021 Remember, the girls are Indian, shy and respectful. With this, there will be a chance that your friendship will grow stronger soon.

Name WhatsApp number
Tamika Bhowmik +91 690979657
Payal trader +91 926492022
Sayani Saha +91 988381769
Drishya Adhikari +91 987076955
Shreya Adhikari +91 973926495
Bipasha Nag +91 871209862
Ayesha Karji +91 893817392
Anamika Pal +91 969370298
Kallyani Poddar +91 738259272
Neha das +91 738293873
Sayantani dey +91 988673778
Sneha Roy +91 993099336
Janvi Dev +91  728290278
Priya Majumdar +91 967387399
Rani Mukherjee +91 978739838
Misti Singh +91 988379300
Mousumi dey +91 988379700
Rekha dey +91 978655463
Asmita Sarkar +91 945637227

Girl Whatsapp Number List


But even if this Whatsapp Number for Bangladesh girl whatsapp number list will be shared. They will all have numbers of active and real girls. Who will give you a quick response? Let’s see their WhatsApp number.

Bangladesh is the border of our country. The girl whatsapp number list here are very nice and hot. And when we talk about their social profile, these people like people with less money and the kind of guy love. On the internet, you will find WhatsApp numbers or groups of Bangladeshi girls on many websites. But most of them will remain false. Or the account will not be maintained.girl whatsapp number list

Name WhatsApp Number
Ankita 985423157
Neha 954231578
Joti 985426474
Priya 745631254
Amrita 639514228
Sarita 639812457
Sona 785621456
Pihu 652134856
Kajal 235251545

Girl Phone Number List

girl phone number list Friends are also welcome on our website, party today, tomorrow I will talk to you how to get Indian call girls WhatsApp number because there are many such people who keep posting on the internet how to call girl phone number list for free So today friend, tomorrow I will solve your problem and today I will tell you some ways you can find lovely Indian girls WhatsApp numbers and today Friends, tomorrow I will also give you a list of calling girls. girl phone number list, so if you too want to join the call girl WhatsApp group, you have read our article to the end, you will see a list of call girls WhatsApp groups for you.

girls real mobile number

girls real mobile number in life is a big drawback. Every boy wants a girl in his life so that he can talk a lot. He can share his joys and sorrows with her but he is unable to do so due to lack of female friends. If you are also one of them, then we bring you the list of girls real mobile number to fill this gap. It is not that there is any lie in what we will tell you, we have brought a new one for you, we wish that we can help you in every way that you should not have any problem, if you are also troubled in the same way.girls real mobile number.

real girls whatsapp number

real girls whatsapp number Friends, all these numbers are actually genuine and are being shared here only after checking from different places from the internet. But to talk to these girls, you have to massage the girl’s real girls whatsapp number. If she allows you then talk to her otherwise don’t bother any girl. Because this is a crime for which you can also be punished. So if you take any wrong step then you will be responsible for it. If you think that you will not disturb any girl then you can check girls whatsapp number from below.real girls whatsapp number.

real girl phone number

real girl phone number In today’s time everyone wants to find girls numbers and keep searching on the internet, out of which there are many people who search this keyword girls number list 2022 on the internet but They do not get any result and many people who search this keyword. Friends on the internet, today I am going to tell you that how you can get the number list of girls and how you can talk to them by taking the real girl phone number.

girl mobile number whatsapp

girl mobile number whatsapp Guys let’s start and tell you how you can get girls numbers from internet and sometimes there are all people who keep searching girl mobile number whatsapp list but in today’s time they don’t find any girl because We all know that in today’s time all the girl mobile number whatsapp are busy with one or the other and if you also want a girl then first of all you have to do a complete investigation about that girl whether that girl is right for you or not.

Let us tell you that we can say very well about every girl given on our website, this girl is very nice and if you guys make friends with us then you will always be happy and will always keep giving love, so let’s go friends Let us start and tell you how you can get girl mobile number whatsapp through this post and once you get the number you can talk to them about friendship.

girls whatsapp number list

girls whatsapp number list Do you like call girls only then you are searching for call girls whatsapp number list on google, if seen then this call girls are very beautiful as compared to other girls, they talk to boys very lovingly only then boys call girls whatsapp number list Keep searching the numbers on Google, if you also want the numbers of these call girls, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. In this article, we have shared the numbers of many call girls of India. You can get it very easily.girls whatsapp number list.

girls ke whatsapp number

girls ke whatsapp number If you are searching for ladkiyon ke number but you haven’t received any girl’s number yet, then from this article you can get many Indian girls ke whatsapp number for yourself, these girls are very beautiful if you follow these girls But if you make a direct call, this girl will not talk to you, if you try to talk to these girls through WhatsApp chat, then this girl can talk to you because this girls ke whatsapp number spends more time on WhatsApp.

girl mobile number

girl mobile number Friends, you must look at the information that we have given to you and if you want a good friend, then you can definitely check these numbers, if you check these girl mobile number with the intention of any girl, then these girls are for you. But whatever you can do, you do not have to bother, if you want to make a new friend with whom you want to share all the things of your heart, then you can talk to these girls better and better, if you can talk like this. girl mobile number If you are interested, it will definitely talk to you, you have to keep your first impression in front of them, how can you talk to them?girl mobile number.

online girls ke number

online girls ke number  friend because nowadays online girls ke number do not trust anyone quickly, girls do not like to give numbers to anyone nowadays, because of this problem you Before taking any step, think and understand that what you have to do, take note of what we have given you, if you use it correctly, then it is right, if you use Rakesh wrongly, then the office will be responsible for girls ke number.

girls calling number

SR .No Name WhatsApp number Age
1 Zarna +91 698788987 20
2 Tanvi +91 698745847 21
3 Yashoda +91 784521586 22
4 Shreya +91 789547485 25
5 Riya +91 754748457 23
6 Quasar +91 754832156 24
7 Palak +91 963236963 20
8 Omisha +91 698569586 20
9 Naira +91 747897896 24

girls ka phone number

SR .No Name WhatsApp number Age
1 Rupa +91 852125878 25
2 Niharika +91 789548754 21
3 Omisha +91 789589789 23
4 Pratyusha +91 789656598 25
5 Heena +91 874584758 20
6 Harinakshi +91 747856321 21
7 Geetika +91 789659865 25
8 Falguni +91 786512485 23
9 Dayamai +91 789656987 27

girls call number

Name: Suhana
Age: 23
Mobile number:+91 858565879
Location: Tamil
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Sofiya
Age: 21
Mobile number:+91 758565887
Location: Tamil
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Kamol
Age: 23
Mobile number: +91 766569880
Location: Tamil
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Pooja
Age: 24
Mobile number:+91 866869800
Location: Tamil
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Safiya Khan
Age: 21
Mobile number:+91 966969800
Location: Tamil
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Anjum Malik
Age: 21
Mobile number:+91 766969800
Location: Tamil
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

call number girl

Name WhatsApp number  Age
Sofiya Khan +91 76828 3506 22
Sara Khan +91 77774 7681 28
Nigaar Ali +91 789214811 18
 KAJAL +91 856689005 30
 joyti +91 832747503 27
Lovely  +91 868507406 26
Rekha Singh +91 968017625 17
Anjum Khan +91 763906425 26
PAYAL +91 86545 3919 25

girl phone number

Tamika Bhowmik +91 690979657 18
Payal trader +91 926492022 23
Sayani Saha +91 988381769 21
Drishya Adhikari +91 987076955 22
Shreya Adhikari +91 973926495 22
Bipasha Nag +91 871209862 18
Ayesha Karji +91 893817392 19
Anamika Pal +91 969370298 23
Kallyani Poddar +91 738259272 22
Neha das +91 738293873 22

whatsapp number girls

Sayantani dey +91 988673778 21
Sneha Roy +91 993099336 22
Janvi Dev +91  728290278 24
Priya Majumdar +91 967387399 19
Rani Mukherjee +91 978739838 20
Misti Singh +91 988379300 20
Mousumi dey +91 988379700 21
Rekha dey +91 978655463 23
Asmita Sarkar +91 945637227 32

girls ka whatsapp number

SR .No Name WhatsApp number Age
1 Ahana +91 789565848 29
2 Faiza +91 784754876 20
3 Garima +91 698747896 21
4 Eshana +91 987478787 24
5 Ekantika +91 825963258 28
6 Maryam +91 789658745 26
7 Myra +91 987498723 23
8 Neha +91 889977445 22
9 Joyti +91 865986487 21

देसी गर्ल मोबाइल नंबर ापक

1 Oeshi +91 698741236 25
2 Palak +91 985147898 24
3 Rani +91 789547452 28
4 Anushka +91 632541598 29
5 Rabia +91 754841245 21
6 Sahana +91 741258963 20
7 Suhani +91 698969896 24
8 Ubika +91 654789874 22
9 Urishilla +91 754875487 22

girls phone number list

Name WhatsApp number Age
Yashika Agarwal +91 986448007 22
Rakhi savant +91 985858557 19
Puja Kapoor +91 868852198 25
Mit Bhatt +91 675590347 21
Rashi Khanna +91 923568899 21
Shita Haldar +91 893638239 20
Bipasa Basu +91 792972779 22
Khusi Chanda K +91 739862993 18
Deepika Padmini +91 737838838 23

girl number list

Age: 27
Mobile number: +91 810159241
Location: Lucknow
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Age: 26
Mobile number: +91 768965879
Location: Agra
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Anjum Khan
Age: 24
Mobile number: +91 871088636
Location: Aligarh
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Name: Mansi Dalal
Age: 23
Mobile number: +91 971199644
Location: Agra
Status: Single
Country: India
Hobbies:- Dating, Chating, Reading, Playing
Occupation:- Study.

desi girl number

1 Risha +91 989898562 20
2 Radhika +91 787236872 21
3 Kalpna +91 765984753 23
4 Rani +91 987458748 23
5 Aastha +91 632159874 25
6 Nira +91 852145687 24
7 Sapna +91 932145698 26
8 Kajal +91 632563256 29
9 Sonal +91 654789654 21

girl ka number name

SR .No Name WhatsApp number Age
1 Mayawati +91 987898789 25
2 Daksha +91 636363636 21
3 Dayamai +91 698789632 25
4 Faiza +91 698745632 23
5 Gaurangi +91 874563214 26
6 Harinakshi +91 987566523 24
7 Ishita +91 565896575 26
8 Jagrati +91 789659865 23
9 January +91 789547896 25

girls mobile number list

Asmita Sarkar +91 690979657 18
 Rekha dey +91 926492023 23
Sayani Saha +91 988381769 21
Misti Saha +91 987076953 22
Shreya Adhikari +91 973926493 22
Bipasha Nag +91 871209861 18
Ayesha Karji +91 893817393 19
Anamika Pal +91 969370298 23
Kallyani Poddar +91 738259272 22
Neha das +91 887738293 22
Sayantani dey +91 783367377 21
Sneha Roy +91 799309931 22
Sourav Dey +91 897282908 24
Priya Majumdar +91 877387399 19
Rani Mukherjee +91 738739838 20
Sayani Saha +91 883793200 20
Mousumi dey +91 883793002 21
Payal +91 878655463 23
Tamika Bhowmik +91 637227282 32

How To Find Girls Whatsapp Number On Social media?

Still, at least we did not go down without explaining ourselves first. But the thing is that many visitors come to our website every day. If so, most people will choose the same number. So in that case, girls would not be able to communicate with everyone. And if you do, you will start blocking strangers. That’s why you can also get a Whatsapp number for girls from you through Social media. How? We know-

First, you need to create an account on social media like Facebook or Instagram. I will tell you more about creating a Facebook account. Because Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world. This way, you will find many girls’ accounts in it. And as you see the accounts of others, you will need to create one of your own accounts. After that, join the Online Dating Group about something. You will easily find dating groups with large numbers of members.

All you have to do is do an online dating search. That after joining this group, it turns out that the girls work harder than you. Then you can take their Whatsapp number by making friends with them by texting them where you are. Or you will check their profile. So their Phone or Whatsapp number will be available on Contact Us. However, if the person did not enter their number. So if so, you can send a message to his inbox. And in the same way you can try on Instagram or other social media platforms. On this site, you can find the WhatsApp number for girls through the social media platform.

Philippines Women Whatsapp Number for Friendship

Maybe you know or not, but I would like to tell you the truth. The most loving girls in the world are found in Philippi. This is the world. There are more girls than boys. Who likes to make friends with Larkyo. You can also see about it in the Facebook Group. You will find more than half of the Online Dating Groups from the country of Philippi.

This means that the girls in that country enjoy spending more time with the boy. That is why we have shared with you the Whatsapp number for girls, especially in the country of Phillipions. So that you can be friends with them by chatting on Whatsapp. But in this case, you need to know English. Because their official language is English. Here is his Whatsapp number –

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Remember, we are writing this article to give you information. If you misuse the Whatsapp number of any girl. And if those people complain about you. So you will be responsible for this. We or a team member working on our blog will have nothing to do with your work. And if you use the wrong words on WhatsApp girl.

So we will not be responsible for this again. Our goal is to give you a little fun. We have no intention of Identity Viral for any girl. And you want to delete it. So you can send us a message by email. We’ll check that number and delete it. Thank you.


So far you have seen a list of over 500 girls Whatsapp numbers above. They all have real Whatsapp numbers. If you are going to call these numbers. Because girls do not like to talk to many strangers on the phone. You make friends with them first by texting them. If you like them. So he will give you his personal phone number.

Remember not to misuse these numbers. Even after reading this post Whatsapp number, if you have a Girl way in your mind. Or you want to ask something.We will give you their response soon. Or you can contact us by email. And if you have a Whatsapp number for girls. And you want to add it to our mailing list. So they too can comment by typing their name and Whatsapp number.

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