Essay On My Favorite Sport In 2022

Essay On My Favorite Sport:-Cricket is the most famous and favorite game of India in the world. Cricket is such that children, elders, old people, even women, girls also like it. Cricket is an outdoor game. We all know that human beings need physical exercise to stay fit. For physical exercise, nothing can be better than a sport. In these games, man has to use the brain along with physical exercise. Due to which both mentally and physically get energized. In today’s modern world, children are engaged in all the mobiles, TVs, computers, no attention is given to physical exertion. In such a situation, it is the duty of the elders to tell their children about the usefulness of sports. The game of cricket is a game of discipline, determination, concentration, team spirit and patience.

Essay On My Favorite Sport
Many sports are played in India over time, some of which are played at international and some at national level. Cricket, volleyball, football, hockey, basketball, badminton, tennis etc. are played at the international level, while kabaddi, rugby and many other sports are played at national and regional level in India. Cricket is a sport that has attracted people from all over the world. There are many countries where this game is not played, but even there they watch international level cricket matches with great enthusiasm.

international cricket team names

1. England
2. Australia
3. West Indies
4. South Africa
5. New Zealand
6. India
7. Pakistan
8. Bangladesh
9. Zimbabwe
10. Sri Lanka
11. Kenya
12. Afghanistan
13. Ireland
14. Canada
15. Netherlands
16. Scotland

History of Cricket
There are many such people who not only like cricket, but also love to the extent of passion. The cricket match started in England in the 16th century. It was first played by Prince Edward. In the 18th century it became the national game of England, then in the 19th and 20th centuries this game started spreading all over the world. For the first time in 1844, one day cricket match was played internationally, which was between America and Canada. Whereas in 1877, for the first time a five-day Test cricket match was played internationally, which took place between England and Australia. Cricket is the second most popular spectator sport after football.

When there was British rule in India, it was they who brought this game to India. The British rulers were very smart, they brought this game among them to divert the attention of the kings and nawabs of India from power and their kingdom. The British played this game with the kings, rulers, making them so engrossed in it that their attention started to drift away from power. And then the British rulers benefited from this. Since then, this game was becoming famous in India as well as in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries around us. Even before independence, cricket was considered as the favorite sport in India. This game was previously played in the same way as the normal game in India, in 1864 between Madras and Calcutta the first high level cricket match was played, which was named First Class Cricket.

Cricket information –
The game of cricket is played between two teams, each consisting of 11 players. The rules of this game are very simple and easy, so children also like it very much and like to play the most. A cricket match is played in a big field, where there is a pitch in the middle, on which the players play the game. 3-3 wickets are put on either side of it, the gilli are placed on it. First there is a toss between 2 teams, who wins the toss, that team decides whether to bat first or bowl. Then 2 players enter the field for batting, while one player does the bowling, and the rest of the members of that team do the fielding. Apart from this, there are 2 umpires to make decisions in the field, apart from this there is also a third umpire outside the field. When 2 umpires in the field are unable to make a decision, then they signal, then the third umpire sees the recording and makes his decision. Click here to read the main rules of the cricket match.

Cricket Types –
With time, new things have come in the game of cricket as well. International matches are held every year, which is organized by the ‘International Cricket Council’ (ICC). The ICC makes the rules of cricket and selects the teams. The ICC also organizes whether all the teams are following the rules of cricket or not. The biggest competition of cricket is the ‘World Cup’, which is held every four. Every player and spectator watching is waiting for the World Cup. Many people do not always watch cricket matches, but are very interested in the World Cup. Indians are very excited for the World Cup.

Test match – This is a five-day match, in which the overs are not fixed in advance. This match of 5 days also ends without any decision.
One Day Match – This match of 50 overs is of one day, in which the game is decided on the same day.

20-20 Cricket – This type of cricket is not very old. It came a short time back and became quite popular among the people. There is a match of 20 overs in 20-20, which ends in 3-4 hours, it is enjoyed a lot by the players as well as the spectators these days.

Indian Premier League – Indian Premier League started on the lines of 20-20 cricket match. Players from all over the world participate in it. These players are selected by the team made by different states in India. Then there are matches between these 10-12 teams for 2 months, and after going through several stages, the final match is held in 2 teams. The team that wins, gets a huge prize. It is said that IPL is such a game, through which players get a chance to earn a lot of money, along with this, the pocket of the team owner is also heavy. Read about IPL matches here.
indoor cricket

Eyesight description of cricket match –
Cricket match is such a match which attracts even the most busy person towards it. This match is played in almost every street, locality of India. Whether there is a field, children – mainly boys start playing this game anywhere. I don’t think there will be any such locality in India where the boys of the locality have not broken the window during cricket. The great cricketers of the country remain hidden in these alleys. Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Azaruddin, Virat Kohli, Saurabh Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc are the names of such great players, who started this game in their locality and today became one of the best players of India. has gone. Read the biography of Virat Kohli here.

Talking about myself, at first I did not like cricket very much, but seeing the brothers playing, slowly got attracted towards it. For the first time I saw the World Cup match on TV in 1999, watching which I understood this game more deeply and then it became my favorite game. I watched every match of the 2004 world completely. Watching a match on TV is a different fun, but watching this match live in a ground gives a very different experience. In the crowd of thousands of people, there are supporters of both the teams who shout at the victory of their respective team. When I saw the enthusiasm of these spectators on TV, I also wished that I could sit and watch a cricket match in the field. This wish of mine was fulfilled by my brother and took him to show the state level match to be held in our city.

Due to the state level match, there was a lot of crowd in the ground, but the operators had arranged for the spectators to sit well. Special police were also called to handle and protect the crowd. We had a ticket to go to the ground, so before entering there, we reached the gate through the crowd, there was ticket checking. In many places, metal detectors are also installed in the playground, which are installed for security. We went inside and sat on the seat. This match is being held between Rotary Club and Lion Club. The first toss took place between the two, which Rotary Club won and decided to bat. This match was of 20 overs only. 2 players of Rotary Club enter the field, in the meantime the players of Lion Club prepare for fielding. Rotary Club’s start was slow, in the first four overs only 2 of their players get out.

The players who came after this start playing the innings of good runs, they are seen washing the bowlers of the front team. 10 overs means after half the match the score is 90 runs for 2 wickets. Now the Lion team comes from their side spinner bowlers. If he overpowers the batsman of Rotary Club, then he takes 1 wicket. The match goes on, and in the end, in 20 overs, the Rotary team is able to make 175 runs, in the loss of 5 wickets. After this there is a break of 20 minutes.

After the break, the Lion team comes to bat, they have a good start. His 50 runs are made in 5 overs. Then the Rotary Club team calls their spinner, due to which they get 2 wickets. Despite the loss of wickets, Lion Club goes on to score runs, and in 15 overs, makes 150 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. At this point of the match everyone was with the Lion Club, everyone seemed to have won the match by the Lion Club. But this is the illusion of cricket, till the end it cannot be said who will win and who will lose. Nothing can be said when the match will turn. The match progressed after 16 overs and 155 runs were scored. 158 runs in 17 overs. Still 18 runs were to be scored in 18 balls, which was not such a big milestone. Lion team scored 163 runs in 18 overs. Now 13 runs were needed in 12 balls.

19 overs starts, 2 runs are found in the first 4 balls, but in the next ball the player becomes clean bowled. With the fall of wickets, the shouting of supporters in the field echoes, a wave of hope appears on the faces of the disheartened supporters of the Rotary team. Still the Lion team had to score 11 runs in 6 balls, and manage their 2 wickets. 20 overs starts, no run in first ball, 1 run in second ball. The third ball also goes blank. In the fourth ball, the batsman bounces the ball, everyone shouts in the hope of a six, but does it get caught. A new player comes for the fifth ball, who bounces the ball and hits 4 runs.

Now last ball, last wicket and 6 runs, this match comes at a very interesting point. I just sit gazing at the ground, the bowler bowls, the player tosses the ball, but the ball falls into the fielder’s hand. I think the Lion team lost the match, but then the Empire in the field signals for the decision of the third Empire. Actually the fielder who takes the catch, his foot gets touched in the boundary. The third Empire looks deeply at the recording, and then declares a six, noting the player out. Ultimately the match is won by the Lion Club. Although I was not on the side of any team, but after such an exciting match, I was happy that Lion Club won. The winning team is given a prize money and trophy. Along with this, the man of the match is given to the player of the winning team, who scored 75 runs in 30 balls.

Cricket match craze in India
The importance of a cricket match in India is no less than a festival. Be it the final of a match or the World Cup, everyone sits in front of their TV. People take leave from office, school, college, many times a holiday is declared in these places. Roads become deserted, everyone gathers in shops where there is TV, radio. Everyone is eager to know the score of the match. Mainly if the match is between India and Pakistan, then there is a festive atmosphere in the whole country. On winning the match, everyone celebrates it by taking to the streets, drums, bomb crackers are burst. During the World Cup, special prayers are held in the temple mosque, people do special worship for victory. When India won the World Cup in 2011, the whole of India was immersed in celebration in that historic moment. People are crazy about cricket matches in India, the players of this match are mainly worshiped by Sachin Tendulkar. Read Sachin Tendulkar biography here.

There is a craze for cricket in India, but if India loses an important match, or if a player does not perform well, then people talk a lot against him. They do wrong things in social media, burn effigies by coming out in the streets. This method is very wrong. The game is always for someone’s victory and someone’s loss. One should watch and play matches with sportsmanship.

Nowadays corruption is increasing even in cricket matches. Some people are spoiling this game for money. At the time of a main match, some crooks and corrupt people bid in the match and also involve common people in it. The ICC and the government are working continuously in this direction, so that the game is played like a game and no one’s sentiment is hurt. Click here to read Corruption a problem, essay, poem.

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