How to Get Different Dimension Me

different dimension me Various Dimensions In China and other Asian countries, me is in style.

Social media platforms have seen an upsurge in the debate of AI as a whole.

AI can take many different forms, including GPT-3, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

Each AI serves a distinct function, such as creating an image in response to commands.

This guide will teach you how to access Different Dimension Me, how to use it, and what the AI website/tool is all about.

What is Different Dimension Me?

An image can be converted into anime using the website Different Dimension Me.

You are able to utilise a photo of you, a friend, or even some animals.

For instance, the AI will create an anime version of you if you use a photo of yourself.

Normally, this consists of big eyes, a tiny mouth, and a tiny nose.

Tencent developed the AI, which was introduced on the QQ instant messaging platform.

QQ is comparable to WhatsApp/WeChat, which caters to China’s younger population.

The feature has been popular when it was released on other social media sites.

For instance, TikTok offers a filter of its own, the “AI Manga” filter.

It’s remarkably similar to Different Dimension Me.

The filter can be applied to you, an item, or on a current image in your gallery.

Over 9 million people used the filter to post videos on TikTok, where it was a big hit.

How to get Different Dimension Me

different dimension me

Here’s how to get and use Different Dimension Me:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “我也要玩“ (which means “I want to play too”).
  3. Choose an existing photo from your device.
  4. Wait for the AI to generate the anime version of your photo.

Note:- The website is undergoing maintenance if it is not functioning. Instead, you can make use of the TikTok AI Manga filter (they are both similar).

The user’s face was not detected, according to several users. Error: “Please replace the photo.”

This is because the AI only recognises faces that are visible.

Therefore, if you choose an image of an object, it might not work.

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