How to start blogging in 2022? (complete information)

blogging kaise shuru kare:- Blogging seems easy though. But when a person starts a blog, the difficulties that follow after that keep bothering him every moment. And when those problems are not easily solved, then the problems increase even more.

Due to which we start thinking about closing a good blog. But there is nothing to panic, because today we are going to give you complete information about how to start blogging successfully in 2022. So that later you will not face any problem in blogging.

how to start blogging

So brother, is it not so whenever you think of starting blogging, first of all collect complete information about it. If you do not have the information, then you may have to face the problems from the very beginning. It is better that you first know how to start blogging?

You can also teach about blogging by starting a blog, due to which you keep getting practical information. Which is a very good thing.

Now you must be thinking that which information is necessary to collect, to start blogging successfully.

  • Domain and Extension Selection
  • Choosing the Right Hosting
  • Learn about Blog Customization
  • Learn how to make a landing page
  • Know about S.E.O
  • How to do Link Building?
  • Learn to write articles
  • What is Internal & External Linking?

    All the points I have written above are all parts of blogging. Without which you cannot create a blog at all. And if you make a blog with a little bit of jugaad from here and there, then believe me you will never be successful.

So let’s know what happens inside them.

Choosing the Right Domain Name and Extension

First of all, know that both Domain Name and Domain Extension are different. Like the Domain Name of our site is Use Gyan and Extension is .com. Name is the unique identity of your site, so extension defines your purpose.

For example, .ORG = Organization, .edu = Education, and .com = Universal Purpose.

Domain Name – This is the Unique Identity of your blog, which no one else can copy, and even if it does, it will have to change the extension like from .com to .in or any other.

Now if you want to easily increase the ranking of your website in search engines, then the domain name of your blog should be something special,

  • It is necessary to have at least one Topic Related Focus keyword.
  • If the domain is short then there is a benefit in SEO.
    Now even if your domain name does not have

keywords, and is a bit long, then your blog will rank, just a little more effort will have to be done. But as far as possible, you should choose the name of the domain related to your topic, and the extension according to your work.

Choose the right hosting.

Hosting A place where you host your blog and the content put on it. Now it can be different according to your convenience. The bigger your blog is, the more hosting you will need.

But if you are completely new to blogging, and want to start blogging. So you will choose a hosting that is easy to use in your budget and whenever you need technical help, you will get it at the right time.

Most of the bloggers like to start their blogging career with a free hosting. Because by doing this they get to know about it. Which will come in handy later on. Like we learn to solve small problems on our own.

Learn about Blog Customization.

Blog customization has different parts. By which your blog is customized according to the convenience of the user. inside which basically

  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Sidebars

These are customized correctly. Apart from this, the blog is also customized in advance. But it is necessary to customize these things properly in any case.

Learn how to make a landing page

Whenever a user comes to your blog, it is important to get an attractive view. Due to which the user starts spending more time on your blog. And keeps coming back again and again. Yes, other things also play a role in this.

But when the landing page of your blog is attractive to the user. So he thinks this. That he is definitely going to get some good information on this blog. Due to which he starts looking at other sections of your blog as well. This helps in increasing the conversion.

Know about S.E.O

SEO is a part that controls the ranking of your blog. And if how to start blogging? If this question is in your mind, then the most important point is that you should know about SEO. Actually SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And use it to improve the ranking of the blog.

It also has 2 different parts, first On-Page and second Off-Page, both work differently. But their job is the same, to increase the ranking. Before starting blogging, if there is information about it, then no one will be able to stop your career from moving forward.

Learn to do link building

Link building is an integral part of Off-Page SEO. Through which we create links for our blogs and posts from others’ blogs. Link juice is made from these created links which helps us to improve the ranking of the blog.blogging kaise shuru kare

These links are also of 2 types, Do-follow and No-follow which are used differently. And before starting blogging, you should know the difference between these two, and build them.

Learn to write articles

Well, every day we keep on writing something or the other, but writing articles is a little different from that. In this we have to pay a lot of attention to the little things. So that our articles appear correctly in the SERP of the search engine and we can get organic traffic.blogging kaise shuru kare

Some things to keep in mind while writing articles

  • selection of keywords
  • keyword placement
  • Where and how to use Headings and Sub-
  • Headings
  • organizing paragraphs
  • Conclusion

All these points help in writing better articles. You can also know about how articles are written by looking at the news papers coming to your home.

So these were some basic points about which you need to know before starting blogging. If you want, you can learn better about blogging even by creating a practice blog. blogging kaise shuru kare

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