Bhuvan Bam Biography – Bhuvan Bam Indian Comedian Youtuber

bhuvan bam:- Let’s talk about a well-known YouTuber that has been delivering you comedic videos and making you laugh all these years. Friends, let me now discuss Bhuvan Bam.

Friends, this musician has genuinely captured your attention with songs and music as well as comedic videos. If you’re young, you must have had extensive knowledge.

The new generation of today enjoys his numerous comedic videos very lot. So allow us to enlighten you about them.

bhuvan bam

Bhuvan Bam Biography

Therefore, Bhuvan Bam is one of these comedies on YouTube that has been making you laugh with a variety of comedic films.

If you’ve heard of him, you know that his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, has grown to be one of the most popular channels in the world right now. By the way, this BB Ki Vines channel has more than 2000000 subscribers.

We cannot, however, limit Bhuvan Bam to being a YouTube celebrity. No friends, Bhuvan Bam is one of those personalities who rules social media, music, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

In fact, he has done a great job of carving out a spot for himself on YouTube. And speaking of Instagram, your buddies have a sizable following there as well.

In addition to YouTube, he has attained success through lots of these platforms. You must have only seldom heard that he was also a movie artist.

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Bhuvan Bam Birthday – Bhuvan Bam Age

Our comedic YouTube sensation is known by the name his full name is Bhuvneshwar Bam. They are commonly referred to as BB Ki Vines.

He was conceived on January 22, 1994. By the way, he was only educated in Delhi despite being born in the little Gujarati town of Vadodara.

Bhuvan Bam Education

Friends, if we are talking about education, he received his diploma from Green Field School. New Delhi is where this school is situated.

And when it comes to his college training, he received his diploma from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College in New Delhi.

Friends, he was reportedly highly fond of performing humour during his time in school. From the beginning, he used to make his pals laugh and amuse them.

Bhuvan Bam Family

bhuvan bam

Let’s chat about Bhuvan Bam’s family, friends. Therefore, we would like to inform you that Bhuvan Bam’s parents passed away in June 2021. They both contracted the coronavirus sickness and fled, leaving Bhuvan Bam alone. However, we’d like to let you know that mother was Avanindra Bam, Late.

Bhuvan Bam Father

Father’s Name is Late Padya Bam.

Bhuvan Bam Brother

He also has a sibling who is a pilot and goes by the name of Aman Bam.

Bhuvan Bam Girlfriend

Friends, we are now going to reveal Bhuvan Bam’s girlfriend’s n

ame. He has gained so much popularity on YouTube for Indian humour that everyone is curious about his girlfriend.

Who else is bhuvan bam’s girlfriend such a lucky girl?

Friends, allow us to inform you that his girlfriend is gorgeous and adorable. He is presently seeing Arpita Bhattacharya.

Bhuvan Bam Youtube Career

Friends, the question is: How did get to where he is in his YouTube career? Many people desire to experience life’s highs and lows.

Consequently, allow us to inform you that he also made his debut by uploading the BB ki Vines video. He actually spotted a Kashmir-related news reporter who is a victim mom who recently lost her son.

They were annoying them by asking them things that were completely ludicrous.

Therefore, Bhuvan Bam noticed how the victim’s woman was troubled by the report. Consequently, he posted this video on his BB Ki Vines channel as a kind of tease for the news reporter on this subject.

His first video, which went popular in Pakistan, was this one. He had started his YouTube account in 2015, by the way.

After some time, his YouTube channel eventually reached its current subscriber count of more than 20 million.

All of his YouTube videos are limited to between two and ten minutes. Teenagers’ lives are filled with ups and downs that, when joked about with friends, reveal the story of a family.

At first, he posted all of his videos to YouTube after recording them using his phone’s camera. But as he proceeded to find fame on YouTube, his videos’ caliber progressively improved.

Bhuvan Bam BB Ki Vines

Friends, what should I tell you now that this channel’s name is so well-known? By the way, founded this YouTube channel in the year 2015.

BB Ki Vines YouTube Channel

Publish a little video on this YouTube channel in which a boy chats with his family and friends. You have been given the comic version of that conversation.

Bhuvan Bam Cast

Friends is a comedic sensation in India who is also a talented singer. In August 2016, he released his debut music video. His debut video was titled “Teri Meri Kahani.”

He then posted videos of several well-known songs, like “Sang Hoon Tere,” “Safar,” “Ajnabee,” etc.

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth

Friends, let’s discuss about Bhuvan Bam’s net worth now. is estimated to be worth around 22 crore.

Bhuvan Bam Salary

And when it comes to pay. So, my friends, each month we make more than 25 lakh rupees.

And if we discuss their yearly revenue, it exceeds three crores, my friends.


So, friends, we’ve provided you with a brief biography of in an effort to provide you with as much information as possible about him.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this biography.

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