Apricot fruit juice leaves seeds health skin hair benefits

Apricot fruit juice leaves seeds health skin hair benefits in hindi Apricot is a seed containing fruit. Apricot tree does not grow very big. Its height ranges from 8 meters to 12 meters. Its root is 40 cm. The size of the leaves is 4 cm to 9 cm long and 4 to 8 cm wide and similar to the shape of an egg. Usually its color is yellow and orange, but the part of the fruit which comes in contact with sunlight becomes red in color due to the effect of sun rays. The seed inside the apricot fruit is hard. This fruit contains pulp. Apricots are found in cold places. In India it is found in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This sweet and dried fruit is available in both forms.

Apricot and its benefits

Apricot history

ApricotApricot fruit juice leaves comes from the French word abricote. The name of this fruit is taken by different names in different countries. Argentina, Chile, France and Peru have damask for ‘apricot’. It was discovered in India in 3000 AD. The purpose of planting this fruit tree is told in a story about the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tsu, who taught his students on a platform surrounded by apricot wood, and after treating the people, paid medical fees. He used to advise planting an apricot tree. In Persian it is called yolk potato. To increase its yield in Turkey and America, its plant has been planted on both sides of the road. It is so liked there that a tree can be easily seen near every house.

Apricot fruit features

It is a hard seeded fruit. It is a thin peeled fruit. It is shiny. Most of it is produced in Uzbekistan and in Turkey. Its flowers are white and pink in color. It occurs in clusters of four or five. This fruit emerges either in one or in pairs, it is in the upper part of the flower. On top of these fruits remains like small and soft weeds. There is a difference of opinion regarding the size and color of apricot. It can also be bright as orange and apple. The one that is bright is said to be a little less beneficial. Its taste is sweet, sour and bitter. When it is in raw form it is sour and when cooked it turns into sweet taste. It is a fruit of hot tendency due to being rich in fat.

Apricot nutrition facts

Calorie content: Apricot fruit juice leaves contain a lot of calories. In a fresh apricot, which can be up to 35 grams, the total number of calories found in it can be up to 17. Each vitamin has a different amount in it. Which is shown below –

Per 35 grams of apricots:

Vitamin C 10 mg
Vitamin A 1926 IU
Vitamin E 0 mg
Vitamin K 3.3 mcg
Tamar 0.03 mg
Manganese 0.077 mg
Fiber 1.45 mg
Potassium 265 mg
sodium 1 mg
calcium 13 mg
Magnesium 10 mg
Phosphorus 23 mg
Zinc 0.2 mg
Iron content 0.39 mg

Apricot fruit benefits

Apricot fruit is sweet, due to which it is liked a lot. Some people eat it for taste and some use it for its benefits.
Due to carelessness in the diet, there is a lack of blood in the body. Especially women struggle more with this problem. They should especially consume this fruit.
The mineral is abundant in apricot, it does not allow the lack of water in the body.
The benefits of apricots are not only obtained by eating fresh fruits. Rather, it is equally effective in its dried form as it is with fresh fruits.

Apricot benefits for

  • Apricot fruit juice leaves fruit contains many vitamins such as B complex, vitamin K, and vitamin C etc. Along with this, apart from being copper, magazine, phosphorus, magnesium, there are many types of fibers, which increase eyesight,
  • fertility, help in skin diseases and eliminate many diseases.
  • Due to its ability to keep the digestive power right, it prevents from constipation-related diseases like piles.
  • Due to the amount of calcium in it, it also keeps bones healthy and strong.
  • The potassium and sodium present in it increase the metabolism level.
    Apricot fruit juice leaves fruit reduces the risk of heart disease. It also reduces the increasing weight, as it controls the amount of
  • cholesterol present in the blood.
  • It is helpful in lung disease and asthma disease.

Apricot benefits for skin

  • Apricots have also been considered beneficial for the skin because due to the presence of vitamin A in it, it helps in renewing skin cells.
  • The oil that comes out from the dried fruit of apricot protects against skin diseases such as eczema, dryness of the skin, etc. Due to its digestive effect, there is no problem of acne coming out on the skin. Due to the abundance of water in it, its consumption remains fresh on the skin during summers.
  • Protects against sunburn which causes light dark spots on the skin due to sunlight. By using it, the closed pores of the skin are opened. It is also helpful in enhancing the complexion. It is used in many beauty products which are available in the market.

Apricot benefits for hair

  • Hair also gets many benefits from the use of apricot.
  • Massaging the scalp with the oil obtained from the dried seeds of apricot fruit opens the closed pores. Due to which all the nutrients are easily absorbed in the hair. Due to which the hair becomes strong and shiny.
  • It also strengthens the hair and increases the speed of their growth.

Apricot juice and leaves benefits

  • Consumption of apricot juice is beneficial for a patient suffering from infection, suffering from fever, because it supplies all kinds of calories, water, vitamins for the physical needs, which can cure the disease.
  • By drinking apricot leaves boiled in water, the waste products present in the stomach come out. Because of this, problems caused by constipation can be avoided.
  • Grinding its leaves and applying its paste on the pimples, freckles and eczema present on the face, then this problem can be avoided.
  • By chewing the leaves one can avoid bad breath.

Apricot seeds benefits

  • Fat is present in apricot seeds, so it supplies oily nutrients in the body.
  • In this fruit, potassium is found in more quantity in its dried seeds than in fresh fruits, so its seeds are also used in making medicine, which is beneficial.
  • By consuming it, energy is transmitted in the body.

Apricot intake

Apricots can be consumed in the following ways-

  • After washing it and removing the soft and small hairs on it, you can eat it hot or cold.
  • To consume it, its seeds are removed and it can be eaten in many ways.
  • It can also be eaten by putting its pieces in fresh curd or fresh cream or by removing its pulp.
  • You can also eat it by cooking it on fire. It is also used in making chicken.
  • If you want, you can keep it for a few days and use it.
  • It can also be consumed in the form of jam and juice.
  • Garnish it with almonds, green leaves etc. You can also consume it as a salad. Read here the properties and benefits of almonds.

Apricot side effects

  • There are advantages as well as disadvantages in eating this fruit. Consumption of dried fruits can be harmful for diabetic patients.
  • Since the apricot loses up to 30% of its water content after drying. Therefore, its dried fruits should be immersed in water and left for some time before eating.
  • One should not eat 4 to 5 apricot fruits in a day.
  • According to the Food Standard Agency of the British Government, a substance has been found in apricot seeds, which can be harmful.

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